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Sea-buckthorn 10 suppositories


Indications for the use of sea-buckthorn suppositories

Seabuckthorn rectal suppositories

This type of suppositories is indicated for use in those patients who suffer from ailments in the field of proctology. Rectal suppositories are usually prescribed for hemorrhoids, the presence of cracks and ulcers in the rectum, as well as for painful bowel movements, sphincteritis, proctitis and radiation damage.

The prescription of the drug in the form of rectal suppositories involves therapy that can improve the reparative processes that occur on the rectal mucosa. Candles of sea-buckthorn can fully contribute to the restoration and healing of tissues that are affected.

Sea-buckthorn suppositories application

Apply for treatment of sea buckthorn suppositories recommended before bedtime. Vaginal shape of the candles can be inserted into the vagina after urination. The rectal shape of the candles is inserted into the anus after cleansing enema or spontaneous bowel movement.

The introduction should be made to the greatest possible depth. Then you should take a prone position, and relax to stay in this state for half an hour. This time will be enough for the drug to be able to activate and pass the suction stage into the mucous membrane.

Carrying out a treatment procedure, you should observe your condition. Such phenomena as unpleasant sensations, which are accompanied in the form of negative manifestations (burning, redness, itching, edema).

Duration of treatment can be up to ten days.

suppositories of sea buckthorn from hemorrhoids

Despite the fact that modern medicine can offer a variety of options for treating such ailment as hemorrhoids, but the most effective method of healing have been and are sea buckthorn candles.

Taking into account the hypoallergenicity of the drug and the almost absent ability to irritate the mucosa, popular suppositories can be assigned to any category of patients, be it an elderly person or a pregnant woman. Practical and postnatal use of sea-buckthorn drug.

Having a soft and effective effect on the affected area, the candle practically does not cause any discomfort. And the possibility of achieving a therapeutic effect using only one suppository per day is especially convenient for many patients, since it does not take much time.

Sea-buckthorn candles during pregnancy

Without having a negative impact on the unborn child and contributing to a number of positive effects on the woman's body during pregnancy, the sea buckthorn candles are successfully used for this category of patients. The therapeutic effect of the sea-buckthorn suppository, which includes anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, antioxidant, antibacterial, antitumor and anti-hemorrhoidal effects, can bring a considerable benefit to a pregnant woman in such a difficult period for her body.

Significant relief for a woman can bring these candles, if during her pregnancy she experienced all the delights of hemorrhoids. It is known that in this, and also the postpartum period, the representatives of the weaker sex are most susceptible to the onset or aggravation of this illness. The drug gently and delicately eliminates itching and swelling, as well as painful sensations that practically do not leave the patient suffering from the disease.

A pregnant woman for a speedy recovery and in the event that the doctor deems it necessary, the use of two suppositories per day can be prescribed.

Duration of treatment from 10 to 15 days. Sea-buckthorn candles are usually well tolerated and in very rare cases can cause side effects in the form of itching or burning in the area of ​​application. Rectal administration sometimes involves the occurrence of transient diarrhea. It depends on the individual characteristics of the body and passes without the need for treatment. However, you should be prepared for this turn of events, especially during the start of treatment.


The use of the drug may be contraindicated in some cases, when the patient suffers from periodic diarrhea or hypersensitivity to the components that make up the drug. It is undesirable to continue treatment if the introduction of a rectal suppository accompanies a burning sensation in the rectum.

There are no known cases of drug overdose.


Since sea buckthorn candles can begin to melt even at room temperature, they should be stored in the refrigerator. Of course, the storage must be conditioned by the integrity of the original packaging, the extraction of the candle from which it can be made strictly before use. Those suppositories that have been freed from the packaging envelope and not used to store are not recommended. Also, those suppositories that have been in a low or high ambient air environment, even if sealed, should not be allowed to use.

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