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Hamamelis suppositories (witch hazel)



pharmachologic effect 

The drug witch hazel is used as a homeopathic remedy with antihemorrhoidal, venotonic action. The agent helps to strengthen the vascular walls, improve microcirculation, eliminate venous stasis. Effective in circulatory disorders in the lower extremities against the background of varicose veins, as well as with manifestations of hemorrhoids.

Indications for use
Granules are shown to be used when:
varicose veins;
- bleeding in gynecology;
- thrombophlebitis;
bleeding in obstetrics;
- polymenorrhea;
- varicocele;
- inflammation of the ovaries;
- hemorrhoids.

Suppositories are used when:
- prevention of the appearance of hemorrhoids;
- Hemorrhoid therapy.

Ointment is used for:
- prevention of hemorrhoids;
- prevention of dermatitis;
- prevention of exudative diathesis;
- prevention of couperose;
- prevention of diaper rash;
irritation of the rectum;
- thermal burns;
- hemorrhoids;
- bites of various insects.

Mode of application
For the treatment of varicose veins, the ointment form is applied externally twice a day. Course - 2 weeks. The second course is held in a month. Ointment can be injected into the anus. To do this, it is previously applied to a tampon.
Suppositories are applied rectally. Multiplicity of application - 1-2 times / day. After the introduction of the suppository you need to lie down.

Napkins are applied as an application on the anus. The application is carried out three times a day. Napkins can be used as wet toilet paper. With dermatological diseases of inflammatory nature, the napkin applications are applied to the affected areas.
The number and frequency of granules are determined by the homeopath individually.

Side effects
The use of Hamamelis can be accompanied by a short-term exacerbation of the existing symptoms. Sometimes, there may be an allergic reaction to the components of the drug.
Homoeopathic remedies are rarely hypersensitive, but attention should be paid to uncharacteristic skin rashes during drug therapy. The decision to cancel the drug should be taken only by the homeopath after evaluating the symptoms.

Hamamelis is not used when:
- hypersensitivity to witch hazel;
- wound surfaces in the affected area (for ointment);
- infringement of the hemorrhoidal node (for suppositories);
- prolapse of parts of the rectum (for suppositories);
- the expressed character of prolapse of hemorrhoids (for suppositories);
hemorrhoidal bleeding (for suppositories).

The decision to prescribe the medicinal forms of the remedy Hamamelis during pregnancy is taken by the attending physician together with the homeopath.

Drug Interactions
Significant interactions of the composition of medicinal forms of the drug Hamamelis with other agents have not been recorded. It is undesirable to apply homeopathic remedies concurrently with preparations of alkaloids, GCS, since the latter can reduce the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines, distort their pharmacological effect.

Overdosing homeopathic remedies is theoretically impossible.

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