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Verruacid® 30 ml


REMOVAL warts, papillomas, dry corns and keratomas CLEARANCE FOR REMOVAL IN HOME CONDITIONS

warts, papillomas, dry corns, threadlike warts and keratomas

Solution for external use Verrukacid®
It is an effective domestic medicine designed to remove a number of benign lesions on the skin (warts, papillomas, genital warts, dry calluses, keratomas). Do not apply the drug to the elements located on the mucous membranes. Treatment Verrukatsid ® peaked condylomas should produce a doctor (dermatologist, gynecologist, urologist, proctologist) in a procedural room. Verrukatsid ® is an analogue of its predecessor - the drug Feresol ® - and has in comparison with it an improved composition.

Verrukatsid ® has a cauterizing effect, belongs to the group of local necrotizing agents. It is very easy to use it. It is enough with the help of a special applicator, enclosed in the package of the drug, to apply the drug on the element to be removed pointwise. In a number of cases, one procedure is sufficient. If the formation is large, then it should be treated three or four times in a row, taking a break to dry the liquid.


Precautionary measures

Do not use Verrukatsid ® for young children and pregnant women.
During lactation it is not recommended to remove the formations located on the mammary glands and hands.
Do not allow the drug to enter the mucous membranes, especially the eye. If this happens, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water and consult a doctor.
If Verrukacida® hits the surrounding healthy areas of the skin, it is recommended to erase it with a dry cloth or cotton swab and lubricate the skin with a thick layer of oily ointment (eg Vaseline).
Special care should be taken when removing the elements in areas with thin skin and in the area of ​​natural folds (axillary hollows, under the mammary glands in women, inguinal folds, skin between the fingers).
If you accidentally tore the pricked papilloma or wart (for example, the collar of clothing), you should treat the wound with an antiseptic.