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Set of 10 Bottles Naftizin

Naftizin (Нафтизин) naphazoline naftisin Nasal Drops


Set of 10 Bottles Naftizin Nasal Drops 15ml 0.1% Congestion Cold Allergies Relief

(Set of 10 bottles) Naftizin (Нафтизин) naphazoline naftisin Nasal Drops 15ml .

Brand New Factory Sealed


Product: Naphazoline Nasal Drops

Size: 15mL Bottle

  • Relieves nasal congestion.
  • For sinus congestion & pressure.
  • Provides long  relief

This drops start to work in seconds providing long relief with no drowsiness.

  • Fast, powerful relief
  • Maximum strength
  • Lasts all night or all day

Wipe nozzle clean after use.

Store between 2° and 25°C

Retain carton for future reference on full labeling.


More information is on the Label.

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