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Metadoxine is a salt of pyridoxine (vitamin B6 form) and pyrrolidone carboxylate.

The drug does promote the metabolic degradation of ethanol and restore the functional state of the liver, thus decreasing the toxic effect of alcohol on the brain and body.

According to the results of the clinical trial published in 2012, extended release version of Metadoxine showed a significant improvement of ADHD symptoms in adult patients.

The official indications for use are:

  • Prophylaxis of alcohol-induced liver diseases
  • Acute alcohol intoxication
  • Chronic alcoholism
  • Alcohol abstinence syndrome

Metadoxine (Metadoxil) is a drug used for the treatment of alcohol intoxication. Recent clinical studies also suggest that it can be used as a non-stimulant ADHD medication.

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