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Anusole 10 suppositories


Anusol is prescribed for treatment:

Hemorrhoidal disease with the location of nodes inside the rectum;
Anal cracks;
Irritations of the epithelial cover in the anus;
Damage, elimination of tingling in the anus.

Anusole has such properties: 

Spasmolytic - reduces the tone of smooth muscles; improves blood flow; eliminates spastic constipation, often a complication of the disease;
Antipruritic - removes discomfort, discomfort associated with hemorrhoids;
Drying - forms an invisible film on the mucosa of the skin of the anus; helps to cope with a wetting hemorrhoids (when mucus, the blood goes out);
Antiseptic - successfully heals infected cracks in the anus; contributes to the timely healing of formed wounds;
Astringent - excellent cope with hemorrhoidal bleeding; has an anesthetic effect;

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