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Antiseptic BALSAMIC LINIMENT Vishnevsky

Ointment Vishnevsky - brown or brown oily substance with a strong characteristic odor. The composition of the ointment includes birch tar, xenoform, castor oil.
Antiseptic ointment Vishnevsky was developed by the Soviet surgeon A.V. Vishnevsky in the 40s of the last century, during the Second World War.

The main property of the ointment is the simplicity of production, the possibility of mass application, the widest spectrum of action for the destruction of any pathogenic bacteria and the healing effect for wounds and suppurative inflammations.

Ointment is practically not spoiled with time, it is able to maintain medicinal properties at any reasonable temperature, does not freeze, has excellent impregnating properties, which is indispensable in military medicine. For the application of the ointment is suitable for any porous carrier - gauze, fabric, cotton wool, moss.

Ready product should be protected from direct sunlight
Ointment is not poisonous, unlike most antiseptics, does not cause serious poisoning when ingested, the taste bitter, oily and quite unpleasant.

Pharmacological properties allow using Vishnevsky liniment as a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Vishnevsky's ointment also has a healing effect. With prolonged use of Vishnevsky ointment, irritation and flaking of tissues and skin can occur.

The composition can be used to treat mucous, hemorrhoidal and postnatal ulcers, severe trophic ulcers in varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.

Warming properties allow the use of liniment as an additional medicine for radiculitis and joint diseases.

The reason for widespread use is the universal composition of Vishnevsky ointment, high level of efficiency and safety of use. Ointment has practically no contraindications except for individual allergic reactions.

Ointment is used exclusively externally. When ingested, it can cause a strong digestive disorder. But not poisoning, although all drugs must be hidden from children - their altered food receptors many inedible and tasteless things find quite attractive.

An impressive feature of Vishnevsky's ointment is its harmlessness, amazing with the most powerful medicinal properties. We are used to the fact that the stronger the drug, the more side effects and complications of use. But not in the case of Vishnevsky's liniment.