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WHO IS A GIRUDOTHERAPIST?Girudoterapevt - a medical specialist with a higher medical education, which has knowledge and practical experience in the field of reflexology. Hirudotherapy is a separate medical specialization, according to which the physician undergoes separate training and must have the appropriate classification. WHAT IS IN THE COMPETENCE OF GIRUDOTHERAPYT? The doctor of this classification deals with the treatment of various pathologies with the help of leeches. Hirudotherapist determines the duration of the course of such treatment based on the individual characteristics of the patient. It should be noted that the location of leeches is very rarely chosen by a specialist. Leeches, as a rule, choose the place that needs their treatment. It should also be noted that leeches, which have already carried out one procedure, are subject to immediate destruction. The doctor-girudoterapevt does not deal with the treatment of a particular organ, since in most cases it approaches the solution of the problem in a complex manner. WHAT DIFFICULTIES CURE GIRUDOTHERAPYT? The physician of this classification is engaged in pathological processes in the field of skin and elimination of diseases of internal organs and systems. With regard to the skin, the doctor-girudoterapevt can deal with the treatment of such ailments: skin diseases with a purulent-inflammatory process; psoriasis; acne; baldness. Official Center Bubnovsky Non-surgical treatment of back and joints according to the author's method of Bubnovsky! There are contraindications. Talk to your doctor. Hide ads: Not interested in this topic The item was purchased or the service found Violates the law or spam Inappropriate content viewing Thank you, the announcement is hidden. Doctor homeopath. Center of Moscow More than 20 years of successful practice Mediko-Psychological Center. Doctor homeopath. More than 20 years of successful practice. There are contraindications. Talk to your doctor. Hide ads: Not interested in this topic The item was purchased or the service found Violates the law or spam Inappropriate content viewing Thank you, the announcement is hidden. Yandex.Direct Besides, in the competence of a specialist of this profile, treatment of such pathological processes: diseases of the genitourinary system; problems in the work of the cardiovascular system; diseases of cosmetology; dental diseases; Gastrointestinal diseases - chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer; ophthalmologic pathologies; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; diseases in the spine; pathology of the nervous system. In addition, the doctor-girudoterapevt deals with the treatment of pathologies, the etiology of which is the disturbed metabolism. No exception is obesity. It is not uncommon for a specialist in this field to deal with the rehabilitation period of a patient after severe injuries and operations. WHEN SHOULD YOU APPLY TO THIS SPECIALIST? As a rule, the main therapist gives the direction to the hirudotherapist. In addition, a medical specialist of this area works in sanatoriums, dispensaries and rehabilitation centers. To address to the girudotherapist necessarily follows, if such factors are valid: at illnesses of endocrine character; with weakened immunity, frequent chronic diseases; in disorders of a sexual nature; if traditional treatment does not give the proper result; with chronic fatigue; apathy, depression. Often the treatment with leeches is used in conjunction with physiotherapy procedures or in tandem with reflexology. WHAT ANALYSIS NEEDS TO SELL? Before starting the procedure of treatment with leeches, the doctor gives direction to laboratory methods of analysis. Typically, the standard diagnostic program includes the following: a biochemical and general blood test; blood coagulation rate test; research on fibrinogen; test for the INR index. As for instrumental research methods, they are rarely used. HOW DOES THE APPLICATION PASS? The main treatment tool in this case are leeches, more precisely the liquid that they excrete. The saliva of such a worm can be used as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Hirudotherapy session The average treatment consists of 7-10 sessions, which are held 1-3 times a week. With the help of three jaws, the leech bites the skin no more than 1.5 millimeters and sucks up to 15 ml of blood. For one appointment the doctor puts 5 to 7 leeches. As a result, the patient normalizes blood pressure, due to the fact that the bloodstream is "unloaded" and bloodletting occurs. Also, the patient has the same effect as after the procedure of acupuncture - the general health is significantly improved. Treatment with leeches has contraindications. Those patients who have problems with blood coagulability, such procedures are not recommended. In view of this, you should first consult with your doctor and take a survey. In general, this method of therapy makes it possible not only to eliminate the underlying disease, but also significantly improve the overall health.

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