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Who are the leeches and their mechanism of action

Leeches are classification for freshwater annelid worms. Their main feature - hematophagous (blood nutrition). Medical leech in connection with the contamination of water bodies in them no longer live, but bred only in laboratories.
The digestive system of this animal has a special fabric positioned along its entire length. It is beneficial bacteria - girudientis, which produces active ingredients with a therapeutic effect. Their service to the salivary gland goes through special tubules. Leeches is enough single feeding every 4 months. It can do without any food for a year.
During the bite, the leech saliva throws in the blood containing a set of 100 healing active substances. Under the influence of this unique complex occurs disinfection of harmful degradation products, prevented the process of decay. In the treatment of leeches in the human body cleared the bloodstream, stimulates the blood-forming organs. Result - Blood update that improves the immune system, enhances protection.
The secret of the salivary glands has various effects on the human body:
At the site of the bite blood vessels are narrowed, while in other areas on the contrary expanding. This improves the blood circulation of tissues, supply them with oxygen, reduces congestion in the internal organs, activates the function of all body systems.
Sting in a certain area is transmitted along nerve fibers in the brain and causes a reaction in the form of activating defense of neurohumoral mechanisms that contribute to the improvement of human adaptation to the surrounding skin usloviyam.Kogda human leech, it lowers cholesterol, slows down blood clotting, blood clots dissolve.

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