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Treatment of Peyronie's disease with leeches

Hirudotherapy with Peyronie's Disease 

For the first time this disease was described by the French surgeon Francois de la Peyronie. Until now, scientists have not fully studied the cause of this pathology. Usually the disease affects people of elderly and middle age. Erection brings pain, and erect penis sometimes bends at such an angle that sexual intercourse is impossible. A man can feel the swollen hard part of the trunk of the penis - calcified plaques, which have a cartilaginous consistency. In the practice of urologists, perhaps, there is no more uncomfortable illness, since there is no guaranteed method of treatment.

With Peyronie's disease, the penis is affected by fibrous plaques. On the belly, scars appear, the penis is deformed due to underdevelopment of the cavernous bodies. Defective parts of the skin lose their elasticity. Plaques pinch the blood vessels, as a result of which the flow of blood to the penis is disturbed, which adversely affects the ability to perform sexual intercourse. Sometimes such a disease makes a man complete impotent.

The origins of the disease are rooted in psychology as well. The man is constantly dissatisfied with the size of his penis. This topic becomes painful for him, brings a lot of emotions. Especially experiences worsen when there are difficulties with the introduction of the penis into the vagina, the sharp pain that occurs during this process
This brings the man to a state of depression, which entails a final loss of erection.

An effective cure for Peyronie's disease is also complicated by the fact that the doctors did not reveal the exact reasons for her appearance. Therefore, all the methods used in treatment do not have an absolute guarantee of success.

Methods of treatment of Peyronie's disease
To which only ways of treatment do not resort in modern medicine, to get rid of this strange disease:

The oral method is based on the intake of medications, various infusions, steroid preparations.
Injection method. The injections are made directly into the fibrous neoplasms on the skin of the penis.
Operative intervention involves the imposition of sutures, the cutting of the belly coat. They also resort to implantation of a new penis.
It should be noted that the drug method has no success, injections sometimes show a backlash. They contributed to the active growth of cartilage, there were even more significant densities.

The most effective is the surgical method, but it does not guarantee that plaques will not appear after a while again.

The operation has a bad effect on the size of the penis, which is shortened by an average of 2 cm, which plunges the patient into even more despondency.

Where is the way out of this situation?
The answer is very simple - a very effective method is the sessions of hirudotherapy (exposure to leeches). Since ancient times, people have resorted to the use of leeches with medicinal purposes. When a person bites a leech, many medicinal substances and enzymes are produced, which contribute to the destruction of connective tissue. This causes great progress in the treatment of various diseases. The same effect of leeches is also revealed in the treatment of Peyronie's disease.

Leeches are applied to the main points. In addition, five leeches are attached to fibrous plaques. For the formulation of leeches there are specially developed techniques
The procedure should be repeated every third day. In the intervals between the procedures, physiotherapy in the perineal region, namely the penile zone, is resorted to.

Condition of positive leeches treatment
A common course of treatment involves repeating the treatment sessions with leeches 10 times. In addition, treatment with medications should also be used. The results are excellent. Especially in the case when sessions with leeches occur in parallel with a set of exercises to optimize the flow of blood into the region of the penis.

Two months later the plaques gradually resolve, or even completely disappear. Also, the patient notes a decrease in pain, and the penis gradually aligns. Gradually the man returns to a normal sexual life.

In such an effective way of treatment is its own. Treatment is not amenable to the patient whose cartilage has been calcined.

The condition of the penis is perfectly traceable with ultrasound examination. If the monitor shows that the cartilage has been calcified, then this indicates that the disease is going through its last stage. Similar plaques, on which a build-up of salt is observed, are not given to such treatment.

Leeches give hope for getting rid of this disease. 

How is treatment carried out?
Usually, the healing process begins with conservative methods, which include large doses of vitamin E, the administration of hormones, enzyme preparations, interferons, and other medications. In the event that the therapy does not give positive results, and the penis is twisted so much that it interferes with the sexual life, then a decision is made about the surgical intervention. In the clinic "Male Consultation" there is a revolutionary approach to the treatment of this disease. It consists in the non-injectable administration of drugs to the rear depth with the help of a special apparatus of hydrophore. It should be noted that with such a pathology treatment is quite long and sometimes reaches six months.

In the treatment of Peyronie's disease, we use leeches, that is, hirudotherapy. They put on the area of ​​plaques once in three days for two to five pieces. The prefix of leeches was also carried out by our specialists on the inguinal region and the liver region. Behind us is the experience of treating ten patients aged between thirty-five and fifty-nine.

The diagnosis is established on the basis of ultrasound examination, examination, as well as complaints. Five patients diagnosed the first stage of the disease, four patients had a second stage, and one had a fourth stage of the pathology. Eight patients complained of pain in the penis during an erection, three had erectile dysfunction, and seven had a penis curvature.

Our specialists performed hirudotherapy according to the points described above. All patients also received an ultraphonophoresis on the affected area with an application of 0.5 percent prednisolone ointment or Girudo gel for ten minutes in an amount up to 10 procedures on days when the leech attachment was not performed. In these very days, treatment was carried out with the help of the apparatus - a vacuum pulsating effect with an infrared laser, and also a red spectrum on the region of the penis.

Reviews of the treatment of Peyronie's disease by leeches
Numerous positive reviews about the treatment of Peyronie's disease with hirudotherapy, make leeches treatment a very effective tool.

If you have any questions regarding the treatment of Peyronie's disease by leeches, then contact us by e-mail.

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