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Therapeutic properties of medical leeches

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Treatment with leeche
In the early 1990s, scientists conducted full-scale studies of the pharmacological action of leech saliva. If previously it was believed that it consists mainly of hirudin and possesses anticoagulant properties (i.e., liquefies blood, coagulation is coagulability), then in the course of the research it was possible to establish that the extract from the leech digestive system has a variety of methods of action and consists of a multitude substances. It turned out that the complex effect of various components of this extract - the most complex protein compounds, which are enzymes and many other causes - has a greater effect on the human body than hirudin in its pure form.
  Also, researchers conducted many experiments with the saliva of a medical leech. As it turned out, it, in addition to everything, has excellent antiseptic properties. Saliva extract works in contact with our body as an antibiotic, but, at the same time, it does not have any side effects, which very often happens with medications.
The properties of leech enzymes are due to the existence of this species in nature:

1) Supporting immunity and affecting the pathogenic microflora, they disinfect the food, thereby protecting the leech from microbes. These enzymes act as antibiotics and immunostimulants.
2) Affect the walls of our vessels with you, so that the leech is easier to gnaw at. These enzymes have antiatherosclerotic and anti-ischemic effects.
3) And, finally, those that affect human blood dilute it, thereby facilitating the work of the leech and allowing it to consume blood in large quantities. There is a lymphogenous and hypotensive effect.
But, what is especially interesting, in most of these enzymes, the leech itself does not need much. Apparently, in the process of evolution, for the successful operation of the system itself, the host parasite in the leech organism was organized and the production of these unique substances was organized. And all these enzymes with their miraculous properties proved to be invaluable to humans.

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