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Therapeutic mechanisms of the leech

Therapeutic mechanisms of the leech

Adhering to the body of a person to eat a dense dinner, the leech mobilizes the work of all its organs and systems in order to get the maximum of our blood in the shortest possible time. In this case the leech turns into a real biofactory, which actively consumes and processes our blood. And as a side effect, but very pleasing to humans, the leech injects into our body more than a hundred of its biologically active enzymes. These enzymes affect our brain centers and activate the mechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing in the body. Alas, these mechanisms practically all modern people are under constant oppression of irrational behavior: stresses, disorderly eating, abuse, etc.

Today, most people do not care about their personal health until problems and stagnant phenomena in the body are manifested as diseases. In short, we all wait until the thunder of heaven from our health problems.

The use of abundant doses of food and drinks harmful to health, a decrease in activity and inactivity, an increase in stress leads to the fact that a person feels tired by the end of the day. He often has a headache, there are disruptions in digestion, immunity is weakened. These problems serve as an open gate for all kinds of infectious and other diseases.

Our body, clogged with toxins and toxins, can not in its entirety independently produce the necessary enzymes and hormones. In the end, the whole structure of the body suffers, and some organs turn out to be the most vulnerable and get sick first.

Summarizing the knowledge of scientists and doctors about the benefits of leeches, we will refine and list the main mechanisms of the complex effect of biologically active substances contained in the saliva of medical leeches on our body.

The first mechanism is an obstacle to thrombus formation. Medical leeches have an antithrombotic effect (from the Greek thrombos - a blood clot). The essence of this action is clear even to non-specialists: by biting the patient's skin and injecting hirudin into the body, leeches thus block some links of the internal mechanism of blood coagulation. Thus, they prevent thrombus formation.

The second mechanism is the dissolution of existing thrombi. Specialists usually call it a thrombolytic action (from the Greek lysis - dissolution and the Greek thrombos - blood clot). Numerous positive results of treatment prove that medical leeches contribute to the dissolution of thrombi. Biologically active substances that are contained in their saliva, affect the formed fibrin clots and gradually dissolve them.

In 1986, I.P. Baskov and GI. Nikonov found that in the saliva of leeches there is a so-called destabilase complex. This enzyme has an amazing ability to dissolve thrombi.

The third mechanism is the normalization of blood pressure. Hypotensive (from the Greek hypo - lowering and Latin tensio - tension) the action of biologically active substances that are in the saliva of a medical leech could also be called a normotensive effect that reduces blood pressure. It is caused by low-molecular substances, first discovered in medical leeches. With their help, biologically active substances lead to an increased or lowered value of blood pressure. The mechanism of this action of leeches is currently being studied in detail by scientists.

The fourth mechanism is the restoration of the damaged walls of blood vessels. This is a separative (from the Latin separatus - separation or isolation) effect on the damaged wall of the blood vessel. Speaking in popular language, the leech restores the surface of the bloodstream.

The fifth mechanism is the reduction of cholesterol in the blood. Anti-atherogenic (from the Greek anti-against and Greek ather-gruel) action of biologically active substances. These substances actively interfere in the processes of lipid metabolism, leading it to normal functioning conditions, lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The sixth mechanism is the improvement of the blood supply of the whole organism. Antihypoxic (from the Greek anti - against, Latin oxygenium - oxygen) action. Medical leeches improve the blood supply of the whole organism, thereby increasing the survival rate in conditions of a low oxygen content, which is very important for bearing a fetus during pregnancy complicated by a number of pathological processes.

The seventh mechanism is the activation of the protective functions of the body. Immunostimulating effect is unlikely to need decoding. Medical leeches activate the protective functions of the body. After the hirudotherapy session, the phagocytic activity of the blood increases, which explains the anti-inflammatory effect of leeches.

The eighth mechanism is the reduction of pain symptoms throughout the body. Analgesic effect: the leech during the treatment session produces local and general anesthesia. It removes pain directly at the site of suction, relieves painful symptoms throughout the body.

The ninth mechanism is the neutralization of the aggressive effects of mutagens. The protective effect, according to modern scientists, is that the leech neutralizes the aggressive effects of mutagens found in human blood and body cells. Mutagenes are usually considered the consequences of radiation exposure, active sunlight and a number of other factors. The leech can neutralize the negative impact of these factors on the human body. Biologists also write about the fact that medical leeches create a kind of protective hoods over human genes. Such a hood does not allow to start the mechanism of mutagenesis, prevents the formation and growth of mutagens.

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