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Medical Leeches for hypertension

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Medical Leeches for hypertension

How leeches help with hypertension Causes of hypertensionStages of hypertension and underlying symptomsApplication of leeches for the treatment of hypertensionZones of posing leechesHow to put leeches correctly Hypertension is a prolonged increase in blood pressure without any specific diseases of the internal organs. At this stage in the development of medicine, there is no universal method of treating the disease.Usually, doctors treat hypertension with tablets. But sometimes leeches are used for hypertension.According to the World Health Organization, hypertension is sick no less than 25% of people. Normal pressure is considered to be from 110 to 70 to 130 by 90...

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That treats a leech

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European Live Medical Leeches Hirudo Medicinalis Therapy Medicinal Leeching Worms About our leeches Almost everyone uses the leech. Medical leeches (live) medicinal leeches in water, diluted on the bio-farm Hirudo Therapy Bloodsucks. Leeches for clinical use in hospital pharmacies, girudoterapist - medicine doctors, veterinarians, surgical operations, for universities and medical specialists for research. Our production facilities are maintained in a sterile laboratory condition and always under control for sale in the USA, Europe and Asia. Leeches have the highest clinical standard. We send leeches after 3 months of fasting and pre-treatment.Healing leeches (lat. Hirudo medicinalis.) Leechtherapy - Type of annelid worms from...

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Blog about leeches Hirudinea hirudo hirudo medicinalis Hirudo officinalis Hirudo verbena hirudolab hirudoterapia Hirudothereapy leech leeches market medical online pharmacy shop store opened

Opened store We are very pleased to welcome to our store. Our store has started its work. We sell medicinal leeches from our biofactory grown in artificial conditions for medical use. In the near future, we have expanded our product range. Welcome

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