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Preparation for hirudotherapy

We will assume that you have become sufficiently acquainted with the above recommendations on hirudotherapy. However, this is only the first step. In order for hirudotherapy to be carried out correctly and useful for you, learn by heart a few more recommendations for direct preparation for hirudotherapy. After a while you will gain the proper experience in hirudotherapy and with a smile will remember my advice. In the meantime, do not hesitate to study and gain useful knowledge.

Council first. Before putting leeches, prepare everything you need. For sessions of home hirudotherapy you will need:

- Expendable bank with leeches (6-8 leeches);

- Tweezers with split protrusions and without a notch in the working area, tweezers are necessary for working with leeches;

- oilcloth or waterproof diaper, which is put under the person in the work area: it can get drops of blood from the wound or remain blood traces from a fallen leech;

- clean sheet, as well as a clean towel;

- a vial with medical or ethyl alcohol;

- a bottle of penicillin, a medical jar or a small glass, plus a 5 ml syringe with a specially removed (sawn) lower part, which allows you to put a leech for pinpointing;

- a package or a bank, where you will place saturated leeches, of good will or forcibly falling off the patient's body;

- dressing material: cotton wool, bandage, anti-allergic medical plaster 30 mm wide in a reel, waterproof cloth or sanitary towel;

- a container (a can or a package) for dumping used dressings and other means into it - pieces of used cotton wool, bandage, medical plaster, etc.;

- disposable medical gloves;

- ammonia, Corvalol (or Valocordinum), if suddenly it is necessary to pump out the patient's weak spirit;

- hydrogen peroxide, elastic bandage or collagen sponge in case you mistakenly put a leech on a vessel or vein and have to stop bleeding; do not forget that leeches can not be put on veins and blood vessels.

The second council. Before staging the leeches, be sure to wash your hands well. Pay attention to your soap was not flavored. Try to use non-smelling means to wash your hands. On the day of setting leeches do not use perfume, colognes and deodorants: any foreign, not natural, odor scares off the leech. It is best to use a baby soap a few hours before the session. If you are not indifferent to the smells and in your house there is simply no unromatized soap, rinse thoroughly with running water from your hands all the smells. Do the same for your patient.

The third advice. Before and after the hirudotherapy session - always follow the general rules of asepsis and antiseptics. Bandage, waterproof napkin, cotton wool and other dressings that you have prepared for the hirudotherapy session must be necessarily sterile, lying on a clean plate. Tweezers, a bottle of penicillin, a glass and a specially processed syringe - everything should be clean.

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