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Peyronie's disease treatment with leeches

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Peyronie's disease is the formation of fibrous plaques on the penis, scarring of the gallbladder and curvature of the penis due to underdevelopment of the cavernous bodies and loss of skin elasticity in the area of ​​defective areas formed. Violated normal blood circulation due to pinching of blood vessels - this can lead a man to a violation of potency and impotence. So it can happen purely on a psychological level - constant experiences about the appearance of the penis, the inability to do mechanical movements during sexual intercourse, the difficulty of introducing a member into the vagina, severe pain
In what way can you find a way out of the current difficult situation? This question is answered - in hirudotherapy. Since ancient times leeches have cured many different diseases in humans. The leech, when bitten, throws out, together with saliva into the blood, more than 20 all kinds of useful substances and enzymes that destroy the connective tissue. This contributes to the development of positive dynamics in various ailments. The same happens with the treatment of Peyronie's disease by leeches. Leeches are placed on classic points and additionally up to 5 pieces directly to the place of formation of plaques. Specifically for the formulation of the bloodsucker, a special technique has been developed locally. The procedure is repeated every three days, and in between sessions, physiotherapy in the perineum and the penis is applied.

Advantages and disadvantages
 The standard treatment for Peyronie's disease with leeches involves a tenfold repetition of the procedure plus hardware treatment. The result surpasses all supposed, it's just incredible, especially if leeches combine with exercises that stimulate normal blood circulation in the penis. After approximately 60 days, the plaques decrease substantially in size or disappear altogether. Similarly, the pain undergone is noticeably weakened and the angle of bending of the penis decreases. Gradually there is a return to normal full-fledged sexual life. But in this incredible way of healing there is a negative side - it helps only those patients in which the cartilage tissues have not yet been calcined. Precise information about this can be obtained by making an ultrasound of the penis. The manifestation of the process says that Peyronie's disease is already at the last stage. On such plaques overlaid with a salt layer, it is difficult to influence. But there is always hope for a possible recovery.

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