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Leeches in veterinary medicine.

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In veterinary medicine hirudotherapy has the same indications as in medicine. Recently, the clinic of the Institute of Veterinary Biology (Russia) has accumulated extensive experience and trained specialists in this type of therapy. The experience of the healers of the past, the experience of oriental medicine, the experience of modern medical hirudotherapy, the author's methods of treating a number of diseases in dogs and cats that were previously considered either incompatible with life or not curable are developed and summarized.

In fact, the ancient man observed the behavior of sick animals, saw how the recovery comes after a sting after a stitch and applied these observations for his own treatment.

leech in veterinary medicineIn nature, sick animals intuitively look for reservoirs, where there are leeches. My friend told me such a story. A sick colt was born in his village, which was weak and frail. It could not be used for work. But the owner was a kind man and left a sick horse to live for as long as he lived. One day my friend, playing with this horse, led her to a distant pond where there were a lot of leeches. Imagine! The horse went to the very ears in the water! Soon all the water around was dyed with blood. The horse stood in the water for about half an hour. When she came out of the water on her was a million leeches!

The boy several times played with her near this pond and the horse again "took baths". Each time she became cheerful and cheerful! After some time, Loshal recovered and became the best workhorse! Since then, my friend piously believes in the medicinal properties of leeches and uses them for his health.

Veterinary hirudotherapy saved Louise. (From the materials of A.Krashenyuk)

Louise is 6 years old and she's a big minx. Once she was worn at great speed and hit her head very hard. She began to have convulsive epileptic seizures. Medications did not help. The mistress of the dog says: "When 14 seizures occurred in one day, I realized that she was dying, for my good luck one friend advised me to turn to the hirudologist. Louise was treated for one month! And she completely recovered. "

Features of the technique of hirudotherapy of dog diseases

Turkevich, V.V. Station for the control of animal diseases in the Northern AO of Moscow., Moscow


The current stage of development of veterinary medicine is characterized by the greatest development of drug therapy. Despite many advantages, drug therapy has a number of disadvantages. These are frequent side effects, high cost for prolonged course therapy, insufficient therapeutic effect in the treatment of certain pathologies.

Non-pharmacological methods of treatment are widely used in veterinary practice, and hirudotherapy plays a special role in a number of such methods.

According to archaeological research. The first paintings demonstrating the technique of hirudotherapeutic manipulations were made on the walls of the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs of the 18th dynasty (1567-1308 BC). Hirudotherapy - leech treatment - from the Latin name of leech HIRUDO MEDICINALIS existed in China, India, Greece, Ancient Rome, Persia, Ancient Egypt and other countries. The medical use of leeches was written by such authorities as Hippocrates, Pliny, Galen, Avicenna, Pirogov, and others.

The clinical use of hirudotherapy is explained today by the ability of the leech enzymes to eliminate ischemia and hypoxia of tissues, as well as microcirculatory disorders - the three main factors determining the underlying mechanisms of the development of the disease.

The advantage of hirudotherapy over other anti-ischemic agents is the provision of a leech with a territorial therapeutic effect by forming a dermal capillary shunt that penetrates the thickness of the tissues from the affected organ to the periphery of the tissues. This shunt eliminates the blockade of local microcirculation, as well as the decongestion of the focus of the disease. Then, physiological drainage begins as a result of restoration of vascular permeability under the influence of the components of the secretion of the salivary glands of the leech.

More than 80 compounds known from the salivary gland secretion leeches are known to science. The most important of these is hyaluronidase, which regulates the transport of substances and cells from the vascular bed and back. Hence the effect of hirudotherapy in the dystrophic processes of any localization.

A feature of the use of hirudotherapy in the practice of treating animals is the presence of a coat covering the entire surface of the body. which makes it difficult to manipulate leeches. Accordingly, in the treatment of such surgical diseases as furuncles, panaritiums, postinjection infiltrates, and the like. The accesses to the focus of the inflammatory process are used. In the treatment of general pathological processes, leeches are applied to the anus according to the representation of organs and functional systems in the reflexogenic zones of compliance. The middle zone is the vagina, the stomach, the heart, the thyroid gland, the cortex of the brain. The anterior zone is prostate, bladder, thymus and frontal lobes of the brain. The posterior zone is the sacrum, lumbar region, thoracic and cervical vertebrae, cerebellum and epiphysis. The right zone is the right ovary, the large intestine, the right kidney, the liver, the right hemisphere of the brain. The left zone is the left ovary, the left kidney, the large intestine, the spleen, the left hemisphere of the brain.

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