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Leeches in gynecology

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This chapter is the result of numerous meetings and conversations with gynecologists, the hirudotherapeutic practice of which counts thousands of healed patients. Today gynecologist girudoterapevt in Russia is not uncommon. Gynecology is treated in all "leech clinics", the recommendations and advice of gynecologists often coincide. Experts differ only in the following questions.

- Can I put leeches pregnant?

- From what age can you start to treat gynecology?

- What is the maximum number of leeches you can put in one session?

- Is it possible to treat gynecological problems with leeches at home?

In the domestic gynecology, leeches were treated relatively recently. But for these few years Russian hirudotherapy has taken a special place in comparison with other medical methods. Of course, it can not be said that leeches can cure any gynecological disease, it does not give a 100% health guarantee to patients. But thanks to these small floating "natural healers" many couples who were treated could become parents.

Today, on average, a gynecologist-girudo-therapist receives 10-20 patients a day, 200-300 per month. We are talking, of course, about major cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don. The age range of such patients varies, as a rule, from 20 to 60 years. Today, most Russian women after 30 years of age seek help from a gynecologist. Most often they complain about the following problems:

- Mastopathy;

- disorders of the menstrual cycle;

- menopause;

- endometriosis;

- fibroids of the uterus.
Hirudotherapy is also used for complications in the postpartum period, it also becomes an excellent preventive tool for the possible varicose veins in women who gave birth. An excellent tool are leeches and for teenage girls who are very worried because of the rash on their face and body. Some even begin to drink hormonal pills, so that these skin rashes, related to the onset of menstruation, finally disappear. Well those girls who know that one or two sessions of hirudotherapy is enough to solve this problem.

During premenstrual syndrome, many patients note a worsening of mood, pain, the appearance of acne on the face and body. You can get rid of this. A few days before the start of menstruation, you need to hold one session of hirudotherapy. It is interesting that during the female "red days of the calendar" the patients who previously put the leeches, too, feel better, the pain disappears almost completely, the blood loss decreases.

Hirudotherapy helps in a variety of inflammatory processes. Many of these patients are "thrown out" by domestic medicine. Some have an ovary removed and a second cyst is found, others want to remove the second ovary. Women ask the doctor to give a month for reflection, report their desire to undergo a course of treatment with leeches. The doctor answers most often: "It's useless! Nothing will help you. Well, if you want, go. "

Desperate patients undergo treatment with leeches. And after four or five sessions of hirudotherapy according to the results of ultrasound it turns out that there are no cysts. They return with an ultrasound scan to the same doctor. The doctor looks at him: "Where is the cyst? Really confused? Maybe this is not your picture? "

But here comes another patient after hirudotherapy, the results are the same - stunning. And here the same doctor already advises "to try" leeches to other patients with a similar diagnosis.
So year after year, decade after decade from the hospital, the "fame" of the leech is transmitted to the hospital, which can cure almost any gynecological disease.

In different medical centers, differently refer to contraindications for hirudotherapy. For example, in one of the medical centers almost all patients are accepted, even those who have poor blood clotting or hypotension. However, to them a special attitude: immediately after the leech "fell off" from the wound, it is treated with hydrogen peroxide, so that women with low blood pressure will not lose blood, but only receive positive substances that the leech injects into the blood at the moment of bite. The effect is usually observed after five to six sessions.

Refuse gynecologists-girudoterapevty only patients with the following diagnoses:

- leukemia;

- hemophilia;

- malignant tumor.

Is it possible to achieve the same successful result at home, and is domestic girudotherapy of gynecological diseases allowed? Whether all female problems can be treated independently? Of course no.

It is not recommended at home to treat leeches with gynecology alone. This is allowed in exceptional cases, but only after a preliminary consultation of the doctor and a course of hirudotherapy in one of the specialized clinics. Sometimes patients come from the outback, many do not have the financial resources to conduct the required number of sessions. In such cases, the doctor signs out the schemes for leeches and always recommends after a course of home hirudotherapy again to arrive on consultation. In other cases in house conditions it is possible to put a leech, but only as preventive maintenance of inflammatory female diseases. It is known that medical leeches normalize menstrual cycles and relieve inflammatory processes. Helping home hirudotherapy and in the prevention of chronic gynecological diseases. Scheme of leeches is usually offered by doctors girudoterapevtami.V anyway, to treat some gynecological diseases at home or arrange a prophylaxis is necessary only after a preliminary consultation with a specialist. And, if there is such an opportunity, it is better to entrust the shaky female health to the girudotherapist-gynecologist. In many centers of hirudotherapy today use a leech to prevent a healthy childbearing process. Future dad and mom, who are planning to conceive a child in the coming months, it is desirable to prepare their organisms for conception. On the one hand, medical leeches normalize the activity of the whole organism of future parents, on the other - become a kind of guarantee of healthy conception. The risk of ectopic pregnancy after "piago" prevention is significantly reduced. To the future father she will provide a normal spermatogenesis, and the future mother will prepare a uterus for the normal process of bearing a healthy child. In hirudotherapy clinics today even tubal infertility is treated. "Traditional" gynecologists consider this disease hopeless. Surgeons warn that surgery rarely solves this problem. It was then, only leeches become a saving straw for patients with this diagnosis. After ten sessions of hirudotherapy, the patency of the fallopian tubes is completely restored, and the epithelium that lining the inner surface of the tube is restored. Summing up the data of gynecologists-girudo-therapists, to which about 4,000 patients in large cities are annually treated in Russia, it is possible to outline the range of the most common gynecological diseases that successfully treated in centers of hirudotherapy: - disorders of the menstrual cycle, - postpartum purulent-septic complications, - chronic dv external uterine bleeding - mastopathy - adhesive process of the small pelvis - adenomyosis of the uterus body - erosion of the cervix - genital herpes - fibromastopathy - retention cysts of the ovaries - fibroid uterus - uterine fibroids - parametritis - perimetritis - endometritis - endometriosis - chlamydia - infertility - colpitis - amenorrhea - AFS - antiphospholipid syndrome in women with habitual miscarriage of pregnancy. The last diagnosis is deciphered as an antiphospholipid syndrome. His researchers found in the blood of women suffering from this disease, the so-called lupus anticoagulant, which "breaks" the pregnancy in the early stages. Do not always cause abortions, quite often the fetus perishes in the uterus because of the incorrect interaction in the body of a woman of certain proteins and trace elements. Diagnosing the lack or, on the contrary, the surplus of some of the elements, physicians usually prescribe medications. Most of them carry long-term negative effects and, after some time, give rise to kidney or liver diseases in women. Experienced gynecologists know that quite often women's diseases are the result of other pathologies or diseases. Violation of thyroid function, improper work of the adrenal glands, neuroses and psychoses, even prolonged fatigue can cause women in the body initially minor disruptions, and then - serious pathologies. For such patients, hirudotherapy - the solution of a whole set of problems immediately: - Direct treatment of gynecological disease; work of all body systems as a whole - prevention of side diseases - no long-term negative effect - prevention of nervous and mental breakdowns, to the cat eye often cause protracted female bolezni.Piyavki usually placed professional physicians for chronic gynecological diseases in the liver region, sacrum, perineum, rectum, vagina, arches. The number of leeches that are given to patients in one session is determined depending on the age and constitutional features of the woman, the analysis of her blood, blood pressure, and the presence of other concomitant diseases. The frequency of sessions depends on the diagnosis and individual tolerability. In some clinics they put leeches in three or four days, but not more than seven in one session. In others - up to twenty for one session, but less often, once every two to three weeks.

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