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Leeches in cardiac practice

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The number of years we have lived and eaten meat cutlets, with age goes into quality, sometimes not the best. With age, there is atherosclerosis - a common systemic lesion of arteries in older people. Atherosclerotic changes develop in the internal "lining" of blood vessels in the form of deposits of fats, proteins, calcium salts, proliferation of connective tissue. Atherosclerotic foci in certain situations can be revealed with the formation of ulcers and thrombi. Hence "legs grow" in thrombosis of blood vessels and circulatory disorders. Formation of plaques not necessary for our "young" body narrows the lumen of the vessels, leads to a loss of the elastic properties of the vessel wall. As a result, the flow of blood to various organs is limited. Infarcts develop, the atrophy of the organ and its function decrease. Our body comes very close to the threshold of leaving for another world.

Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is a group of diseases caused by a disorder of the coronary circulation that is prevalent today in middle-aged and older people, leading to a violation of the correspondence between the need of the heart for blood supply and its real implementation. An important role in the origin of myocardial infarction belongs to the enhancement of blood properties that form blood clots. Frequent external symptoms of IHD are: shortness of breath, unpleasant sensations behind the sternum and in the right hypochondrium. Coronary heart disease is one of the main causes of high morbidity and mortality in civilized countries of the world.

Arterial hypertension - or increased blood pressure is one of the signs of hypertension or a symptom of a number of diseases.

Arterial hypertension is included in the severe list of a number of diseases most affecting modern mankind.

The hypertensive crisis is manifested by spasm of blood vessels, necrosis of the walls of arterioles and the appearance of hemorrhages in the brain and muscle of the heart.

The German philosopher Kant said: "Nature, even in a state of chaos, can act correctly and smoothly." These words most accurately reflect the medicinal properties of the leech.

The use of leeches (hirudotherapy) in cardiologic practice in combination with drug treatment gives, undoubtedly, a clinical effect, reducing the risk of complications. At the same time, hemodynamic parameters and viscoelastic properties of blood are improved. The secret of the leech contains an enzyme that dissolves fibrin, the substance that is the basis of the thrombus. This leech enzyme has great dignity: it works extremely slowly, 3-4 days.

And this is good, because during the time of resolution of the thrombus the damaged wall of blood vessels must be repaired, and a thrombus in this case is not formed again. The antisclerotic effect of the components of the leech secret lies in the effect of the leech secret on the endothelium of the vessels, the change in the level of plasma lipids.

Bloodletting with a medicinal leech with arterial hypertension is an effective therapeutic method. The mechanism of its positive effect is reduced primarily to a decrease in the initial high blood pressure. Since hypertension is combined with other diseases of the heart and blood vessels, cases of complications of arterial hypertension are frequent. When posing leeches in this situation, the mechanisms of favorable effect of hirudotherapy come into effect.

The history of the use of medical leeches as a medicine has deep roots. The first mention of these creatures dates back to 1500 BC. e. And this is not surprising, because with a minimum of contraindications, treatment with medical leeches (hirudotherapy) has a wide field of application.

The use of medical leeches is especially important today. A wide application of synthetic farm. drugs dramatically increased the number of allergic diseases. In this connection all over the world more and more attention is drawn to natural preparations, which is the medical leech.

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