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How to cure hemorrhoids

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EFFECTIVE suppository and ointments for hemorrhoids: LIST PRICES, APPLICATION

1 How to choose an effective remedy for hemorrhoids?
2 Hemorrhoids suppositories are inexpensive and effective
3 Most Popular suppositories for Hemorrhoids
3.1 Rules for the use of suppositories
4 Ointments for hemorrhoids
4.1 Rules for the use of ointments from hemorrhoids
4.2 Remedies for hemorrhoids during pregnancy
5 Basic rules for the treatment of hemorrhoids 

Hemorrhoids - a disease that occurs as a result of an increase in venous nodules. The disease often acquires a chronic form, the nodes fall out and bleed. Moreover, the patient experiences pain, itching around the anus.

The development of hemorrhoids is facilitated by the following factors: Maloactive lifestyle, frequent alcohol consumption, regular upset of the stool (constipation, diarrhea), weight lifting, inadequate nutrition, pregnancy and delivery.
In the initial stages (1-2) the treatment of hemorrhoids must occur by complex methods. It is necessary to give up bad habits, keep to a diet, go for a walk. Painful sensations help to remove warm sessile baths, cold compresses. The proctologist for the treatment of the disease prescribes suppositories and ointments, tablets.
The third stage is treated medically, but if there are complications in the form of a node thrombosis, then a surgical operation is required.
At the fourth stage, the nodes are constantly falling out, and surgical intervention is a necessity. 

If you find hemorrhoids, you must immediately begin to deal with his treatment, so that the matter does not reach the operation. 


The choice of medication depends on the most pronounced symptom of the disease: Strong pain helps to get rid of drugs that contain anesthetics: lidocaine, benzocaine, anestezin, novocain. (suppositories: Relief, Anestezol, Olesesin, Advance). To ease the pain during bowel movements, you can use laxative suppositories "Dufalac". When bleeding it is necessary to use venotonic, hemostatic and vasoconstrictive antihemorrhoidal medications. They contain hemostatics, which stop bleeding. (Relief, Procto-Glivenol), can help in the third stage of hemorrhoids. Reduce inflammation helps drugs made from natural substances. They can contain sea-buckthorn oil, propolis, St. John's wort (Sea-buckthorn candles, Calendula DN, candles Tykveol, Prostopinum, candles with belladonna). Suppositories and ointments on a natural basis are suitable for everyone. The exception is patients who are allergic to the active ingredients of the drug. From the inflammation can also rid the following drugs: Neo-Anusolum, Anuzol, Relief, Proctosan, Posterizan. Thromboses dissolve preparations containing anticoagulants in their composition. Due to active substances the blood thinens and does not stagnate, new blood clots no longer form (Heparin ointment, suppositories Gepatrombin G, Nigepan). Preparations for hemorrhoids should be recommended by a doctor. Anesthetic ointments or suppositories are usually prescribed in combination with medications that normalize the bowel and eliminate stasis in the vessels (for example, Detralex or Glivenol tablets).

SUPPOSITORIES FROM HEMORROR INCREASING AND EFFECTIVE If you focus on rectal suppositories, you can consider effective suppositories from hemorrhoids:

Anusole 10 suppositories.

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The main component of the rectal suppository is the drug plant belladonna. The color of the suppository is greenish. Candles have drying, astringent, antimicrobial, antipruritic effect. Candles quickly eliminate inflammation and pain. The effect comes in 30 minutes. When breastfeeding and pregnancy, such candles are contraindicated. They can not be used if there are the following diseases: heart failure, angle-closure glaucoma, asthenic bulbar paralysis, prostate adenoma.

Neo-Anusol 10 suppositories.

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They are an analog of Anuzol. Suppositories include zinc oxide, iodine. The drug relieves pain, inflammation, irritation, stops bleeding, has an antibacterial effect. There are no contraindications, there is a possibility of allergy.

Anaesthesol 10 suppositories.

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The preparation includes benzocaine, menthol, zinc oxide, bismuth sub-gallate. Candles eliminate pain, drain the mucous, reduce inflammation, protect the damaged tissue from irritants. Also, suppositories have a cooling effect, which causes irritation and itching. The drug is not recommended for people with individual intolerance to the components of this medication.

Sea-buckthorn 10 suppositories. 

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Suppositories contain sea buckthorn oil, which is rich in natural compounds (vitamins A, E, D, C, magnesium, polyunsaturated fatty acids). Sea buckthorn reduces the inflammatory process, heals cracks, has an antimicrobial effect. Candles will help you get rid of the pain, itch. Sea-buckthorn candles have no contraindications, they can be used even by women who are pregnant and breast-feeding. Suppositories can cause only an allergic reaction or a burning sensation. 

Bethiol 10 Suppositories.

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The main active ingredients of the candles are ichthyol and belladonna extract. Have a brown tint and a specific smell. Reduce pain and inflammation, have a good healing effect. Contraindicated in glaucoma, prostate adenoma. It is permissible to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but only under the supervision of a doctor.

Cleavage Extract Suppositories.

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Phenol and belladonna leaves form the basis of the preparation. Relieve from pain and inflammation. They relieve spasms, normalize the blood supply, have antimicrobial and drying properties. Reduce the likelihood of a repeated exacerbation of the disease. Can not be used during lactation, with glaucoma. During pregnancy, use the drug only with the permission of a doctor. These suppositories from hemorrhoids are very effective.

Ichthammol suppositories.

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Have a specific smell, the color is brown. Eliminate the burning sensation in the anus, and also eliminate the germs. They are able to destroy bacteria in the first stage of the disease. Suppositories reduce pain, inflammation and edema. There are no contraindications. They can not be used only if there is intolerance to the components.

Olestezine suppositories.

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In the composition of the suppository there are components of natural origin (sea buckthorn oil, purified water). Eliminate pain and inflammation, eliminate the feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine. The composition includes vitamin "K" which coagulates blood. Candles can stop bleeding, destroy pathogenic bacteria, heal damage. Suppositories do not have a restriction for use. 

Methyluracil suppositories.

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Suppositories quickly heal lesions on the walls of hemorrhoids. Also relieve inflammation, and reduce pain. Bleeding candles do not stop. Candles can not be used if there are excessive granulations of the wound, malignant tumors in the digestive tract, chronic and acute leukemia. 

Hamamelis suppositories (witch hazel). 

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The active ingredient is witch hazel extract (witch hazel). Candles strengthen the vessels, disperse the stagnation of blood, reduce the inflammatory process. The drug is effective in the primary stages of hemorrhoids. It is good to use to prevent the formation of new nodes. Candles can not be used if the hemorrhoidal nodes are strongly falling out. 

Hepathrombin G suppositories.

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Suppositories consist of heparin, lauromacrogol, prednisolone. Suppositories relieve inflammation and do not allow to reproduce pathogenic microbes, heal damaged tissues. The drug prevents thrombosis, relieves burning sensation and itching. Suppositories can not be used if the patient has a fungal, bacterial infection. Also, the drug can not be used for cancer and severe bleeding. In the first three months of pregnancy, candles can not be used. 


There are suppositories that have a fairly high price, but, nevertheless, are very popular:

Relief (Advance, Ultra).

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The preparation is made on the basis of a shark liver. Suppositories stop heavy bleeding, heal wounds, treat inflammation. A person suffering from hemorrhoids, quickly feels relieved after the introduction of a candle. Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding, pulmonary tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus (severe forms), nephropathy.


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The composition of suppositories includes microbial cells of Escherichia coli killed by phenol. This drug has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic effect. Restores damaged skin, strengthens immunity. Do not use if hypersensitivity to phenol is present. 

Natalsid suppositories.

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Suppositories contain sodium alginate. This substance is obtained from seaweed. Thanks to this component anal fissures heal quickly. Also, candles contribute to the normalization of the stool, stop bleeding, stop the pain syndrome. The drug can not be used only if the patient has intolerance components. 


Suppositories will be effective if applied correctly. It is necessary to adhere to the main scheme of using suppositories: Emptying the intestine can be natural or put an enema. The walls of the intestine should be cleaned of feces so that the active substances act to the full. Carry out hygiene procedures. After washing, the inflamed area needs to get soaked with a towel, it is impossible to rub hard. Lie on its side and insert the suppository deep into the anus. For a painless injection, you need to lubricate the tip of the candle with baby cream or petroleum jelly. Lie down for half an hour on your stomach, so that the candle does not leak out. Candles are usually put up to three times a day. The maximum treatment period is 14 days. 


Along with the candles you can use ointments from hemorrhoids. Their dignity lies in the fact that they act more delicately, they are easy to apply. Cream is suitable for pregnant women who suffer from hemorrhoids. Also many ointments have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Below is a list of the cheapest ointments from hemorrhoids.

The name and price of ointments from hemorrhoids: 

Vishnevsky ointment.

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Active components are birch tar, xerobes, castor oil. Ointment reduces puffiness, reduces inflammation, accelerates the healing of cracks, destroys microbes, dries the skin and protects against infection. It is inadmissible to use the remedy for people suffering from kidney failure. 

Heparin ointment. Price USD 12.90

The most important active substance of the drug is heparin, which lowers blood coagulability. Prevents the formation of trombose, and also dissolves the already existing thrombi of hemorrhoids. When using ointment pain will subside, inflammation will decrease. Ointment is strictly prohibited for bleeding and with severe thrombosis. 


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The preparation contains fruits of horse chestnut, lanolin, petrolatum. The cream effectively removes blood stasis and blockage of veins, heals anal fissures. It helps only at the first stages of the development of the disease. Pregnant women should not use this ointment. If there is severe bleeding or hemorrhoidal nodes fall out, then it is unacceptable to use the remedy. 


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The basis of the ointment is the following active components: chloramphenicol, methyluracil. Has antimicrobial effect, removes puffiness. There are no contraindications. It can be used even for pathological diseases. 

Ichthammol Ointment.

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The ointment contains ichthyol, ammonium salt, shale oil. Has a specific smell. Reduces the inflammatory process, heals damaged tissues, eliminates the feeling of itching and burning, prevents microbes from multiplying. The analgesic effect is insignificant. Suitable for the initial phase of the disease. Contraindications are not present, the allergy on components of a preparation can be shown. 

Ointment Gepatrombin G.

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The drug consists of heparin, prednisolone, lauromacrogol. Ointment relieves edema, inflammation, itching, prevents the appearance of blood clots. 

Troxerutin (a cheap analogue of troxevasin).

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The most important active substance is troxerutin. The drug relieves pain, itching, edema, burning, reduces hemorrhoidal nodes, does not give rise to new blood clots. The cream is able to help only in the primary stages of the disease. Ointment can not be administered inside, you can lubricate only the outer cones. The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, during exacerbation of gastritis. 

Rules for the use of ointments from hemorrhoids 

First you need to clean the intestines (naturally, or you can put an enema, take a laxative). Then take a shower. With external hemorrhoids ointment is applied in a thin layer. You can also impregnate the ointment with a cotton swab and apply to the site of inflammation for 20 minutes. With internal hemorrhoids ointment can be injected into the rectum, first applying it to a cotton swab. The course of treatment does not exceed two weeks. Ointment can be used three times a day. Ointments are especially helpful only at the initial stage of hemorrhoids development, since active components are not absorbed to the end. 


Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are a serious problem. 

During pregnancy, it is forbidden to engage in self-medication. At this time, most drugs can harm a baby and even cause a miscarriage. 

The attending physician may prescribe the following anti-hemorrhoidal suppositories to a pregnant woman: 

Gepatrombin G (only from the 14th week of pregnancy), 
With sea-buckthorn,

Many remedies for hemorrhoids, based on natural substances, are allowed for pregnant women. They act very gently, there are no side effects. It is not difficult for future mothers to choose inexpensive candles from hemorrhoids and ointments that will not cause harm to health. 


To treat the disease you need not only medicines, but observe a number of rules:
Do not drink a lot of coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks.
Limit the use of products that contain starch (potatoes, rice, bread and bread from wheat flour). 

Exclude from the menu salty, sharp, fatty, sweet foods.

The daily diet should include vegetables and fruits (beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower), fish and low-fat meat.

Do not eat foods that cause fermentation in the stomach (sorrel, beans, radish).

Do not lead a sedentary lifestyle to avoid the appearance of constipation.

When emptying the intestine, one should not push heavily.

Limit exercise. Do not lift weights above 5 kg.

After each visit to the toilet room, wash with water or use a wet wipe. 

It is recommended to do swimming, do gymnastics, walk.

It is forbidden to engage in horseback riding, weightlifting, in the gym, riding a bicycle.

Do not wear tight underwear made of synthetic fabrics.

There is clamping of blood vessels in the pelvic area.

It is necessary to adhere to all the above recommendations, otherwise drug treatment will not give a lasting positive result.
For the treatment of hemorrhoids, you can always pick a good tool that will be available to everyone.

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