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How to conduct hirudotherapy in a home?

How to conduct hirudotherapy in a home?
  • The first thing to make sure that you get the real medical leeches, not any swamp. Of course, the best place to buy leeches than, you will not find. You can request a certificate and other documentation, which confirms the safety of their use. Simple swamp leeches for treatment use is strictly prohibited, as with high probability we can pick intractable diseases or infectious viral nature.
  • To start treatment with leeches, you need to take care of your diet and give up bad habits. During treatment with leeches forget about smoking and alcohol, do not eat sweet, fatty and fried foods. It is best suited for powering a variety of cereal grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. And of course do not forget about the liquid, the volume of which should be increased to 2-3 liters per day. You can drink fresh juices, mineral water without gas or conventional filtered water. This liquid will help the body excrete toxins.
  • Used leeches can not be transmitted to treat other people, and used to re-treatment. Leeches are used only for one person alone. Once a leech put her destroyed. To use leeches again, they need to survive in clean water defended until such time until they are hungry. And it will happen after 4-5 months. Refresh bank water should be 1-2 times a day to keep it cool, but not in a cold place.
  • Before the procedure, the skin is not pre-treated with an alcoholic solution as before injections, but only washed with soap and warm water (not tolerate leech odors). Then the leeches are planted at the desired point. The first session held from 1 girudoterapii leech. With each subsequent procedure increases the number of leeches 1-2, reaching up to 6-10. They do not attach themselves directly, and as a place of choice. One feels a slight tingling and wave motion on the skin. Do not place at a time more than 10 leeches, because it can decrease the hemoglobin and blood pressure drop due to the large loss of blood.
  • Procedure duration of therapeutic effects of leeches from ten minutes to an hour. Plenty gorged leech falls away. Wounds treated with iodine, sterile dressing is applied. Some time may ooze blood, there is a reddening of the skin, slight swelling. A person can itch. You must endure it to avoid scratching. The total blood loss for the procedure is about 1 200 ml. Sometimes the patient has dizziness and mild weakness. Therefore, putting leeches at home, ask someone from the household to be near you. Help the other person may be required in the event that you need to put a leech on the region of the back.
  • By the procedures set two or three-day break to restore the body. The next day marked improvement in mood and physical activity. leeches treatment course lasts a month and a half. During this period it is not recommended a visit to the bath. Take a shower can be the next day after the procedure. Of course, on the skin for some time visible bite marks, but they disappear without a trace. Repeat treatment hirudotherapy six months.
  • Very rarely girudoterapiya causes local or general allergic reactions. Runny nose, sneezing, rashes on the skin. To prevent complications should be pre-tested by skin tests.

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