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How to buy Medical leeches?

how much do medical leeches cost

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Girudotherapy (Hirudo - leech, therapy - treatment) - a technique for treating a wide range of diseases, based on the use of a medical leech. Healing properties of leeches have been used by mankind since ancient times. The popularity of this method of recovery lies in the fact that the bite of a leech medical has a therapeutic effect on the entire body, and not just on a single organ. A large number of ailments recede due to the bite of a leech, and there is no need to use expensive medications and antibiotics. Therefore hirudotherapy enjoys well-deserved attention, both in scientific circles and among patients. Many traditional methods of treatment are inferior to her in their effectiveness.

Scientific knowledge in this area is wide enough to explain the phenomenon of medical leeches, in this regard, many experts are positive about hirudotherapy and designate it as an additional, and sometimes, the main treatment. Therapeutic effect is amazing - already, literally after the first sessions, the patient feels considerable relief, the healing process is accelerated and the immunity is strengthened. In addition, this saving money - leeches are inexpensive compared to many dosage forms (drugs), and their use does not cause any side effects.

The cost of leeches is much less than you think, which refutes the prevailing view that they are used only by the elite and stellar personalities. You will understand that this opinion is mistaken, only by looking at our prices. Therefore, if you want to buy leeches, then welcome to the website of our company

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The sale of leeches is subject to all rules and regulations.

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