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How correctly to use leeches at home?

How correctly to use leeches

How correctly to use leeches at home?

To begin with, do a hirudotherapy session on another person. Before using leeches at home, put the patient on the bed. Strip the body, on which you will put individuals, bar. Skin areas covered with hair are best shaved, because these natural healers prefer smooth skin. Again, remember: shave with baby soap without a smell, skin after this procedure carefully rinse with water.

Before correctly placing leeches at home, for more active suction of individuals the skin areas on which you will put them, pound: thanks to this, the temperature will increase, blood flow will increase, and the leeches will more readily start the "meal." You can also moisten the patient's skin with sweetened water or a solution of glucose.

Next, when using leeches at home, gently pick up the individual with tweezers by the tail and place in a test tube or vial. Tighten the tube to the desired place on the skin and wait for the leech to adhere.

Sucked, natural healers themselves fall off. After placing leeches at home, the fallen off specimens should be carefully placed in a jar of clean water. Apply a sterile napkin, a topical swab and a bandage to the suction sites. Leave the bandage for at least 12 hours, after all, after sucking, blood may appear - this is normal, and it should not be frightened.

Approximately in the same sequence to conduct treatment with leeches at home, you will be on your body, but it is better not to do it alone. The session of hirudotherapy can cause you to relax and drowsy, the results will not be too joyful: leeches, being full, can simply spread in different directions.

Repeated use of leeches at home is desirable not earlier than 5-6 days.

After a hirudotherapy session, itching may appear around the wound. Combing the skin, of course, is not worth it. You can lubricate the itching areas of the skin with a mixture of ammonia and vaseline oil in a 1: 1 ratio.

When treating leeches independently, they usually put from 5 to 7 individuals per session. In order to enhance the curative effect of hirudotherapy, leeches are placed on acupuncture points.

It should be noted that these mysterious creatures themselves choose the most active points of your body, to which they suck.

What do you expect sensations? This question is asked to themselves by many beginner girudoterapevty. After all, it would seem, what can be more frightening than putting a bloodsucker on your own body? In fact, nothing particularly scary awaits you. You can feel a slight burning or itching, but all the unpleasant sensations in a few minutes will pass. And after a bite on your skin will remain a trace, similar to the icon "Mercedes".

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