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How are leeches used in medicine

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Hirudotherapy - the principle of action

Saliva medical leech (Hirudo medicinalis) contains anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, thrombolytic, antiseptic and anesthetic substances. All these substances can also activate chronic diseases or inflammatory processes. After the third or fourth treatment session, the client's health state very often "spoils," but this is the usual part of the natural process, does not cause any health problems or complications.

Girudoterapevty refers to this process as a "positive response of the body to the action of salivary gland secretions leech."

The state of health usually improves only after the fourth or fifth treatment session. However, acute local pain decreases by 90% after the first session!

Leeches medical in the process of setting on a human, are derived from the human body - microbes, toxins, thrombi and ballast substances, and the body is cleaned naturally. In addition, it leads to better blood circulation, and most importantly - it leads to normalization and improvement of micro-circulation of blood. This type of action can not be achieved with the use of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

With the restoration of blood circulation and the delivery of oxygen in the veins and arteries, the connections between individual organs will be restored and the overall immune responses will proceed correctly.

When biting a medical leech it emits a large amount of biologically active substances into the body, because of the difference in osmotic pressure, body fluids begin to move from the internal organs to the surface of the skin.

After the leech has already been saturated and detached from the person, the bite site continues to bleed, which in turn stimulates the movement even before the immobile fluid (chronic inflammation, connective tissue damage, etc.). Hirudotherapy patients should not be afraid of this part of the natural process. After the wound from a bite of a leech, it can become inflamed (a certificate of health problems), itch (a natural allergic reaction of the body), all these are the natural reactions of the body.

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