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Hirudotherapy in urology

Hirudotherapy in urology how to level up potency improvement how to level up potency with leeches treating prostatitis

Hirudotherapy in urology
In this section, the candidate of medical sciences, urologist, andrologist, sexologist Vitaly Markovich Kuchersky shared his many years of experience. Hirudotherapy he has been applying for the treatment of urological patients for more than 15 years.

Many of us are familiar with an unpleasant, "pulling" sensation when the kidneys are aching. It feels like someone is sitting inside of you and slowly "chews" your body a little above the waist. They know "the kidneys" and the sensation of the approaching exacerbation, and the words of the urologists: "Chronic kidney diseases are treated with difficulty. You can only relieve the aggravation, for this you need to undergo a multiple course of antibiotic treatment. Another way to quickly remove kidney pain for today, medicine has not yet come up. "

According to statistics, today more than 30% of patients with chronic pyelonephritis suffer from chronic pyelonephritis. Most often, the causative agent of the inflammatory process in the kidneys are Escherichia coli, Proteus, Enterobacter and other microorganisms. Pyelonephritis is primary - in 16% of patients, and secondary - in 84%. Secondary pyelonephritis, as a rule, is associated with impaired renal and urinary tract function, which lead to a violation of urinary outflow.

But nature itself often tells a person the way to cure most urological diseases. Kidneys are no exception. And the way is the same - medical leeches. But before treating with leeches, it is necessary to restore the urinary function by instrumental or otherwise. It is very important for an effective treatment of pyelonephritis to give the patient antibacterial therapy and improve blood microcirculation. In this series hirudotherapy is in the first place. With proper treatment, relapses can be completely eliminated.

One of the complications of pyelonephritis, as is known, is the wrinkling of the kidney and the subsequent renal failure.

Practice shows that after a course of hirudotherapy, fibrotic processes in the kidney and pericondose fiber decrease. Moreover, the outflow of urine increases, small stones - up to 5 mm can be removed.

Urologists know that it is not always possible to put leeches with pyelonephritis. It is impossible, if the patient has a micturition function, there are obstructions of the ureter with stones. You can not also put leeches with a hemorrhage in the kidneys. For this reason, urological diseases can be treated at home with leeches only after consultation with a specialist and according to the scheme suggested by him.

Hirudotherapy also helps in chronic glomerulonephritis, nephroangiosclerosis, diabetic kidney damage and in the fight against the effects of other metabolic and inflammatory diseases. Treatment courses for these diseases usually include up to 15 sessions. Effective leeches and for the treatment of pyelonephritis in patients with a single kidney. Whatever the patient's disease, it should be remembered that it is appropriate, and in some cases, it is necessary to combine this method of treatment with immunotherapy. Urolithiasis, cystitis, wrinkling of the bladder, impaired urination, paracystitis - all these diseases require a combination of hirudotherapy with other methods of treatment.

There is another exception to this series, another very common disease today is prostatitis.

Today prostatitis is affected by 50 to 70% of men of working age.

According to the National Institute of Health of the USA, 4 to 8% of the total male population suffer from this disease. For chronic prostatitis, the formation of cicatricial changes in the prostate gland is common, which causes pain, difficulty urinating, weakening sexual and reproductive function. In this disease can appear and stones in the prostate gland, the so-called calcints. In this case, the treatment is contraindicated by physical methods or by heating, and then leeches become an alternative method of treatment.

Hirudotherapy removes inflammatory processes characteristic of prostatitis, reduces the formation of scarring, restores blood circulation of the pelvis and prostate gland, contributes to secretion of the prostate secretion. Due to this, leeches turn into a means of radical solution of sexual male problems and infertility.

Recently, many women have turned to a urologist with chronic cystitis, which is often expressed in pain, as well as incontinence and urinary incontinence. In cases of urinary incontinence, ultrasound detects a hyperactive bladder, the urge to urinate occurs when it is filled with less than 100-150 ml. Sessions hirudotherapy, conducted by such patients, can eliminate spasms in the bladder, have an additional therapeutic effect in combination with drugs that improve its evacuation function.

Hirudotherapy allows the sick body to get rid of cicatricial processes around the bladder. The combination of leeches with antibacterial and antiseptic agents, which are injected directly into the bladder, increases its capacity to 250-300 ml.

Today, the medical leech is registered with a pharmacopoeial article as a direct anticoagulant. This should be remembered both for doctors and patients, and to ensure that sessions of hirudotherapy are not combined with the methods of drugs that have such an effect. This is aspirin, butadione, rheopyrin, escuzane, quarantil and other NSAID preparations.

In addition to the known positive effects of hirudotherapy, two things are important for the treatment of kidney problems themselves. The first is decongestia: leeches remove edema in the diseased organ. The second is antibacterial, due to which the patient is relieved of pain and returns to normal life.

In recent years, a medicinal preparation based on leech has been developed in Russia - Piyavit. With all its advantages, the concentration of nutrients in it is much lower than in the leech itself.

As a rule, urologists put leeches on the projection of the kidneys, bladder, perineum, on the liver and on the sacral spine. The main pain syndrome is concentrated in the sacral roots. The number of leeches and the duration of sessions depend on the patient's medical history and its individual characteristics.

Medical leeches are also an excellent tool for improving male potency.

First of all, they improve blood circulation in the genital organs, contribute to the decision of men a number of psychological problems associated with feelings of sexual inferiority. The effect, as a rule, manifests itself quickly: I have a better complexion, skin condition, and normal pressure.

Of course, one should not think that one session is enough, and the male potency will fully recover. But practice shows that diseases such as priapism, that is, a prolonged erection, "go away" after 3 or 4 sessions.

There is a positive experience of treatment by experienced doctors girudoterapevtami with the help of leeches of such a complex disease, as fibroplastic induction of the penis (Peyronie's disease). Those who suffer from this disease, know what its current is: in the cavernous bodies and shells of members formed plaques, which provoke pain and its curvature. In such cases, doctors put leeches directly on membership in the area of ​​the plaque and along the course of the spermatic cord. Thus it is necessary to watch that not to put a leech directly on a hypodermic vessel. At the first stage of the disease, plaques are completely eliminated, with the second and third - more than half of the patients disappear.

In a clinic, doctors girudoterapevty successfully treated with leeches such urological diseases as acute and chronic epididymitis and orhoepididimity. Several sessions of patients undergoing hirudotherapy lead to almost complete healing of patients.

There are no incurable urological diseases, there are diseases that are healed or untreated. But today almost all patients can be helped. And the main role in this process of healing belongs, of course, to the doctor-girudoterapevtu who correctly uses a medical leech.

Medical leeches free a person from any addictions, help restore the right emotions to the outside world, get rid of feelings of guilt. This complex effect and becomes the basis for cure with the help of hirudotherapy most urological diseases. In addition, the leech injects useful substances into the blood of patients. The effectiveness of hirudotherapy for the treatment of urological problems consists of the following:

- local microcirculation of blood is restored;

- periods of exacerbation decrease;

- the body has internal forces to fight the disease;

- Leeches contribute to a faster penetration into the focus of the disease and the therapeutic effects of other drugs.

The latter factor allows you to reduce the doses of anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed to patients. Therefore today some urologists actively use the leech as an additional therapeutic agent with antibiotics. Other doctors combine it with medicinal herbs or bioenergetics.

But there are also such urological diseases, in which hirudotherapy becomes the only method of treatment, for example priapism or elephantiasis of the scrotum. Practically for all other diagnoses of exacerbations, specialists combine hirudotherapy with conventional methods of treatment.

Every doctor-therapist has his own professional secrets. The hirudotherapy technique in each urological clinic has its own characteristics, it depends on the individual characteristics, the history of his illness, the specific functioning of his kidneys and the urinary system. Specialists put leeches on reflexogenic zones, which are involved in the regulation of reproduction and the sexual sphere.

Much depends on what goal you want to achieve with the help of therapy. For example, if you urgently need to eliminate swelling and associated clinical manifestations such as elephantiasis, congestive prostatitis or paranephritis, the hirudotherapist is waiting for the moment when the leeches are sucked by the blood of the widow and from him fall off.

Sometimes urologists set other goals, for example, the maximum reflex effect for sexual disorders in men. In this case, the leech is put on the patient for only a few minutes, and the cutaneous wound is then treated with physiological solution for quick stops. When women's frigidity comes in exactly the same way.

The effectiveness of hirudotherapy is largely determined by the following factors:

- the number of leeches supplied;

- points on which they are superimposed;

- duration of hirudotherapy;

- the duration of bleeding from the wound.
With the help of all these types of urology, the dose of biologically active compounds contained in the secretion of the salivary glands of leeches and coming in the process of hirudotherapy in the patient's body is regulated.

Most often, three leeches are used to treat most urological diseases. To resolve postoperative scars, fistula, edema of paranephric fiber and some other pathological processes use up to 15 leeches. With priapism, funicular, orchoepidymite - from three to five.

Doctors "offer" leeches usually to attach to biologically active points, which are responsible for the work of the kidneys or ureter. Sometimes "natural healer" experienced doctors girudoterapevty put on the skin area, under which are located blood vessels, washing the organs.

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