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Hirudotherapy in stomatology

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Despite the ongoing search for and introduction of new methods of treatment and prevention, the level of spread of major dental diseases remains high. At the present stage of development of dentistry, the questions of applying traditional methods of treatment again become urgent: physiotherapy, homeopathy, reflexology and hirudotherapy.

Such properties of this technique, as:

antithrombotic, thrombolytic, anti-atherogenic, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, analgesic and regenerating properties

are justification in the expediency of using hirudotherapy in the treatment of various dental diseases.

When appointing scheduled hirudotherapy, the patient carefully collects anamnesis, determines the presence of contraindications, conducts a control standard blood test (clinical blood test with ESR, coagulogram).

Like any treatment, hirudotherapy has its own testimony.

Hirudotherapy is used for pathologies of therapeutic, surgical and orthopedic profile accompanied by:

pronounced inflammatory, edematous-pain syndrome,
violation of rheological properties of blood,
a violation of microcirculation and metabolic processes in the maxillofacial area.
So, hirudotherapy in dentistry is shown when:

the disease of the mucous membrane of the mouth and the red border of the lips (including red flat lichen, leukoplakia, chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis, etc.)
inflammatory processes: periodontitis, periodontitis, alveolitis, periimplantitis, etc.
dystrophic conditions, such as periodontitis
neuralgia, paresis of the ternary and facial nerve.
Contraindication to the use of hirudotherapy in dentistry is:
The presence in the patient of diseases accompanied by delayed blood coagulability and persistent bleeding gums.
With caution should be appointed hirudotherapy in cancer patients at the stage of chemotherapy neoplasms.

Hirudotherapy is a well-known and previously widely used method of treatment with a medical leech.

At the beginning of the 20th century, with the rapid development of "high-tech" medicine, the use of leeches for medicinal purposes was drastically reduced. At the moment, hirudology and hirudotherapy have reached a new stage of development. The development of the basis of the method is connected, first of all, with the study of the composition and properties of the secretion of the salivary glands of leeches.

For medical purposes, leeches grown in artificial conditions at bio-factories are currently used.

With the prefix of leech, she cuts the skin and mucous into the depths of 1.5 mm with denticles.

Then he sucks up to 15 and more ml of blood from the formed wound.

During the bloodsucking the secret of the salivary glands of the leeches gets into the wound, envelops the walls of the affected vessels and gets into the flow of blood.

The microflora of the leech intestine has bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties, which prevents infection of the wound at the site of the bite and promotes its rapid healing.

To date, it has been proven that a complex of therapeutic effects is associated with the secretion of the salivary glands of medpivka, which enters the human body when the skin is bitten and bloodsucked with leeches.

Leach during sucking introduces into the human body more than 20 microcomponents (the most known and studied is hirudin), each of which has its own medical effect.

At the same time, all biologically active substances are secreted in ultra-low doses.

Leech, by medical standards is strictly one-time remedy! And after use in medical centers, is subject to mandatory destruction.

Hirudotherapy in the complex treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa
Red flat lichen
Red flat lichen is one of the most common diseases of the oral mucosa. The basis for the use of hirudotherapy in the complex treatment of patients with manifestation of CPL is the results of clinical and functional studies conducted at the base of the Perm State Academy from 1989 to the present. It is noteworthy that at the stages of hirudotherapeutic treatment of patients there is an improvement in overall health, lowering of arterial pressure, restoration of appetite, improvement of sleep, disappearance of headaches, which is undoubtedly due to the general effect of hirudotherapy.

With the use of hirudotherapy in combination with cryodestruction, there was a decrease in the pronounced edematous-pain symptom.

The Merckenson-Rosenthal Syndrome
includes a triad:
- macrocelitis - non-inflammatory edema of the red border of the lips and mucous lips
- folded tongue - reads with puffiness, burning and pain in the tongue
- defeat of the facial nerve (paresis, neuritis, paralysis).

When applying hirudotherapy in 70% of the observations, after the first session there is a positive dynamics (in parallel, traditional medication is prescribed).

Chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis
The experience of using medical leeches in the complex treatment of this disease is generalized in the works of A.S. Kouchner (1989). It is recommended to carry out treatment after thorough thorough sanitation of the oral cavity. Hirudotherapy can be used both for treatment (with the appearance of aft), and prophylactically (during remission). A part of patients after the treatment showed a stabilization of the process from 5 to 8 months.

Vinokurova V.D. (1993) notes that in the majority of patients complex treatment with hirudotherapy does not lead to a complete cure, but significantly prolongs the period of remission.

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