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Hirudotherapy in dentistry.

Hirudotherapy in dentistry.

Experience in the treatment of the apical cyst.
Hirudotherapy with acute dental pain has been used since ancient times. In the writings of Hippocrates mentioned leeches for the treatment of flux. Currently, leeches are rarely used in dentistry only for aesthetic reasons, but in the medical academy of Volgograd hirudotherapy is used in the department of therapeutic dentistry, this is done by the assistant professor Chizhikova, and the results are just wonderful.

Features of leeches in the mouth:

First, bleeding is less prolonged than when leeches are applied to the skin.
Secondly, there are never any allergic reactions.
In fact, sometimes with dental pain or abscess in the mouth, leeches are placed on the face, on the skin in the area of ​​the projection of the pathological process, but the effect will never be so fast and so impressive as when placed on the mucous membranes in the oral cavity. Well, the bite marks will decorate the face for a few days).
So, I'm for posing leeches in the mouth!
But putting into the mouth always has some risk. Leech is a living being and can go "walk" where it is not allowed! The most important thing is to carry out a VERY CAREFUL TAMPONADO OF THE MORALITY OF THE RTA! Especially in places of defects of an occlusion and in places where there are no teeth!
For one procedure, one to three leeches can be used, the frequency of procedures is determined by the patient's condition, and sometimes one prefix is ​​enough, for example, to relieve acute toothache!
Before the procedure, the patient rinses the mouth with hydrogen peroxide of 3%, the patient's mouth is carefully packaged, and the patient is asked to keep his mouth very tightly closed during the procedure, with clenched teeth. The leech is placed in a syringe with a cut off tip and brought to the root of the tooth, you should always have ready-made hypertonic saline solution, in case the leech still rushes to where it does not penetrate, or if it sits far from the desired place, we immediately wash it with a hypertonic solution! Leeches do not like salt and fall off.
The whole procedure lasts no more than 15 minutes.
Yes, before the procedure the patient should not smoke, rinse the mouth with the fragrance of congestion, brush your teeth, consume alcohol, garlic and other smelling products. Piyavochki - the creatures are whimsical and if they do not like the smell they can not suck!
After the procedure, the patient should be under medical supervision for half an hour, it is desirable to change the pressure and in case of hypotension treat the patient with tea or coffee!

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