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Hirudotherapy. Benefit and harm

Hirudotherapy. Benefit and harm

Dear readers, probably, many of you have heard about hirudotherapy. Perhaps, for someone not very pleasant associations arise at these words. I can understand. All the same it is a question of treatment by leeches, not absolutely habitual treatment for us. But to think about everything, to understand what benefits hirudotherapy can bring for our health, it is important and very important. Therefore, I decided to tell on the blog about this direction of naturotherapy, as hirudotherapy.
Hirudotherapy. Benefit and harm
In the 60-70s of the last century, when potent chemicals began to be introduced into practice, many physicians began to raise the question of the multitude of complications, side effects, allergic reactions that these agents cause. From that time until now, WHO repeatedly raised the issue of the wider use of natural, "folk" methods of treatment. In Russia, for example, there are official medical institutions in which only such methods are used. One of such ancient directions is hirudotherapy. Today we will talk about the benefits and harm of hirudotherapy.

Hirudotherapy. Benefit for health. Advantages and disadvantages
The therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy is that through the bite of a leech, its saliva enters the human blood, which includes only 20 thoroughly studied biologically active substances. In fact, there are many more. Hirudin and other substances in its composition dilute the blood, not only dissolve the existing cholesterol plaques and thrombi, but also prevent the formation of new ones, relieve inflammation, restore the vessel walls, act as a vasodilator and even promote the formation of new capillaries. As a consequence, microcirculation of blood and lymph is restored. This effect is primarily used to treat cardiovascular diseases.

The famous naturopathic doctor Zalmanov wrote that if immediately after a stroke a patient is put leeches behind his ears, then one can avoid complete paralysis even in the most severe cases and completely restore the patient's health. Is not this a miracle? You just need to know about this possibility.

The saliva of leeches, getting into the blood, is spread all over the body, affecting all its organs and systems. As a confirmation of what has just been said, one can give an example: in the clinic, one of the patients treated with joints leeches, while she had a uterine myoma. After the hirudotherapy course, she visited the gynecologist and was much surprised when he said that myoma had decreased.

Hirudotherapy. Indications
What treats hirudotherapy? Hirudotherapy is effectively used to treat a number of diseases:

gynecological and urological,
metabolic disorders,
thyroid gland,
various diseases of the spine and joints,
eye diseases.
In addition, this method has proven itself as calming in various diseases of the nervous system, stress, chronic insomnia.

Hirudotherapy is used not only for medicinal purposes: leeches improve the work of individual organs and as a result normalize the work of the whole organism as a whole, promote immunity. This method is widely used as a means to accelerate the process of recovery, after suffering severe illnesses, and also as a preventive measure.

After all of the above, it is not surprising that many people say that after the hirudotherapy they have become more vigorous, energetic and look much younger. Another area of ​​application of leeches is cosmetology, the fight against excess weight and cellulite.

Leeches are medical. Why are they useful?
In nature there are about 400 species of leeches, but only three are used for treatment: pharmacy, medicinal and eastern, which are united by the common name of leech medical.

Previously, for the treatment of leeches caught in their habitats, but such wild leeches often are carriers of serious diseases. This is because the animals eat very rarely, and the food, sucked blood, remains in their stomach for up to 4 months. If the blood was taken from a sick animal or human, then along with it the stomach of the worm retains the pathogens contained in it, some species of which survive for up to 3 months. Therefore, leeches are used for treatment, specially grown on special bio-factories, which guarantees their sterility.

What should I look for if you are going to a hirudotherapy session?
Recently, leeches have started selling in pharmacies. But, if someone decides to treat themselves at home on their own, be sure to ask for a certificate for the animals being sold. The fact is that in Russia the whole business is flourishing, when grief businessmen in pursuit of a long ruble catch wild leeches are unknown where they are given out for sterile, grown at biofactories. They even offer their products to polyclinics and institutes, i.e. where they are engaged in hirudotherapy. Naturally, a self-respecting institution will never buy such animals. Therefore, be sure to ask whether there is a certificate for leeches.

Before using leeches they are kept on a starving diet for 4-5 months. During this time, they do not have food left in their stomach, which they used before, they become hungry and aggressive. This is necessary so that animals during the session can bite, and then suck the necessary amount of blood. Interestingly, a leech at a weight of only 2 grams can absorb blood 7 times its weight.

Hirudotherapy. Contraindications
Treatment with leeches has a number of contraindications. It:

poor blood clotting (hemorrhagic diathesis, hemophilia, etc.),
severe anemia (hemoglobin level below 100 g / l),
presence in the recent past or ongoing bleeding, including internal chronic,
Individual intolerance or allergy to treatment with leeches.
Is it possible to use hirudotherapy sessions during pregnancy?
In some sources, as a contraindication to hirudotherapy, pregnancy is indicated, but in fact it is not. In the officially approved textbook on hirudotherapy for university students: "Treatment with leeches. Theory and practice of hirudotherapy ", authors O.Yu. Kamenev and A.Yu. Baranovsky, it is pointed out that such a statement is erroneous. Treatment with leeches will not only save the woman in the situation from the health problems that exacerbate her, but will also improve her overall well-being, raise her immunity. It is interesting that the action of leeches also applies to the baby in the tummy of the mother.

Can I put leeches to children and at what age?
There are many allegations about the inadmissibility of using leeches for children. The above textbook talks about the use of this method even for newborns. Undoubtedly, it should be done by a doctor with very high qualifications. For children, of course, there are a number of nuances in the treatment. Since the age of 14, with many health problems, children can use leeches. The indications are the same as for adults.

Hirudotherapy with oncology
Include hirudotherapy and oncology. Only you should know that leeches do not affect the resorption of the tumor. This method is only additional to the main treatment and is used to raise immunity, improve metabolism and hematopoiesis, increase the body's reserves. It has proved to be a natural remedy after chemotherapy and X-ray therapy and after surgery. And again, it is necessary to coordinate everything with your doctor.

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