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General recommendations for hirudotherapy

General recommendations for hirudotherapy Indications for hirudotherapy Physiological adaptation of leeches treatment with leeches

Recommendation one. After leeches are put on the body of a person in the right place and in a certain amount, it is necessary to keep a constant watch over the behavior of these leeches and the patient's well-being. Remember, your presence near the patient during hirudotherapy is mandatory.

First, being near the patient, you are for him a "lightning rod" of possible anxiety and negative thoughts. During the entire procedure hirudotherapy, the patient needs to have a person next to him, reliable, calm and confident that everything is going well. Your peace of mind will be passed on to the patient and leeches. Yes, yes, leeches also feel the internal state of the patient and the hirudotherapist and behave accordingly.

Secondly, by conducting a hirudotherapy session, you simply have to constantly monitor the behavior of leeches and the patient's condition. No readings of books and TV or computer views at this time should not be from your side.

This, in particular, is due to the fact that in place of the leech that has fallen off before your expected time, there will be increased blood flow to the outside if it is not stopped in time by the application of cotton wool, bandage, etc. Elevated blood flow always causes the patient a state of fear and negative emotions. As a result, the patient may even refuse to hold further sessions of hirudotherapy with you. He will consider you an insufficiently literate and irresponsible person. Your reputation as a girudotherapist can be severely affected.

In addition, the leech has the ability to quickly move through the body and can easily crawl into the patient's body through the nose, open mouth, ears, etc.

In the process of hirudotherapy, the patient is very relaxed and even falls asleep. This creates a possibility for the leech, in the absence of proper control from the side, to freely crawl inside the person. Unfortunately, history knows many such cases. Once inside the human body, the leech sucked to the inner walls or tissues and can be there for a long time, calculated in months and even years (the leech lives about 6 years). For the leech it is a state of paradise, it is warm, nobody disturbs it, and food - blood - as much as you like. Such leech will be uncontrollable from the person to suck the blood, constantly diluting it with his hirudin. A person has a state of unfolding blood, which, with the slightest trauma, causes large blood losses, which can lead even to the death of a person. In addition, the leech regularly discharges waste from its body in the form of mucus, which can cause a malfunction in the work of certain organs, for example, lungs. Let's hope that this will not happen to you, you are a responsible and reliable person and specialist.

Let's return to the normal, controlled procedure hirudotherapy. As blood becomes saturated with blood, the leeches themselves fall away from their "work". Usually the time for the sucking leech to stay at the site of the bite ranges from 10-15 minutes to 45-60, this time leeches fill all 10 stomachs. Much depends on the blood flow in place of the sucking leech.

Usually a session of hirudotherapy takes place quietly, so the patient needs to relax and do not interfere with the "natural medicine" to do his job. During the session, the patient can listen to smooth and calm music or even take a nap.

Sometimes during the session, the leech begins to "fall asleep", so it must be woken up gently. For this, it can be easily stroked on the back until the leech does not suck blood more intensively. If you will easily stroke, the leech will not fall off, so you should not worry if it has disappeared - it means that it has already eaten or something does not suit it.

It also happens that one leech poured and fell off, while others continue to suck blood. In this situation, you need to act on the basis of your experience. For example, you can cover the bite of a fallen leech, a piece of sterile cotton wool (gently pushing it to the place of bite) and give the remaining leeches some more time, so they continue to suck blood, while allocating their saliva.

If enough time has passed and there is no longer any need to wait until the last leech is saturated, let it sniff the tampon soaked with iodine or alcohol - it immediately becomes nervous, twitching and lagging behind the body. By her own free will, until the leech is full, she will never leave the patient alone. You should not even try to tear off leeches from the patient's body by force - it's useless, but also dangerous. You can thereby damage the bite of the leech on the patient's body, and then there will be increased blood flow at the place of the bite of the leech.

Recommendation two. After the leech has fallen off, it is necessary to treat the wound with iodine or zelenka. Do not wipe the blood from the wound with your hands, use gauze or cotton wool soaked in alcohol. And do not try to stop the bleeding quickly. In general, from one wound results from 5 to 10 ml of blood. At home, you can use round in shape, sterile cotton tampons for cleaning the skin of the face, disposable napkins and plaster. On each wound, you need to apply 4-8 cotton swabs, depending on the degree of bleeding, then from the diaper to cut out the necessary piece and apply it from above, all this must be fixed with a medical plaster. Fixation should be carried out along the perimeter of the diaper. Place a pressure-sensitive sterile bandage on the site of each bite of a leech. On the limbs, for a better fixation, you can use an elastic fixation bandage (tubular bandage). Leakage of blood and lymph from the bite of a leech can continue (even under a pressure bandage) from 4-6 hours in the upper body, up to 12 or more in the middle and lower parts of the body. After a hirudotherapy session, the patient should avoid any physical activity during the day. With heavy bleeding, the bandage can be changed (1-2 times, no longer needed), everything is deeply individual. Completely remove the sterile bandage in about a day. Do not at all touch the wound from the bite of a leech, do not comb it, even if it is very itchy. Otherwise, you will put dirt in the wound, which will cause its local toxicity. It is better to make an iodine mesh or gently put on the skin around the wound tea tree oil. As you know, it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Make sure that the skin around the wound in a diameter of 5-7 cm was also sterile. To avoid blood decay, the bandage should be changed after 12-16 hours. When changing the bandage, place around the wound should be re-treated with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol (do not wipe the wound with alcohol, otherwise the bleeding will reappear) ....

By the color of the bleeding blood, it is possible to determine the amount of stagnant phenomena in the patient's body.

Dark blood indicates a high degree of stagnation, as a rule, after several sessions of blood begins to acquire scarlet tones, indicating a cleansing of the body. The size of the zone of subcutaneous hemorrhage indicates that the bite occurred at the epicenter of a stagnant foci.

The leech has a triangular shape. In place of the wound there is a small scar that dissolves in 2-3 weeks, on the face and neck in a few days. It happens that on the patient's body there is a barely visible trace, which will completely go down in just 1.5-2 months. Because of this, it's not worth worrying about.

Often within 1-2 days at the site of a bite itch is observed, it will pass and comb the wound should not be, since you can carry the infection.

From personal practice. With heavy bleeding, the emphasis is on the pressure bandage, which limits the flow of blood and lymph in the place where leeches are staged. If necessary, after 1-2 hours the dressing is replaced with a new one. As a rule, this is quite enough. A day or a little earlier after staging a leech, a bandage is usually removed and the wound examined. If it bleeds a little, a new sterile bandage is applied, slightly moistened with alcohol, for several hours.

After the cessation of leakage of blood and lymph, the wound itself was usually treated by me with a soft laser of the "Milt" type. The result has always been excellent. The wound was drying up before our eyes, and the inflammation completely passed.

Numerous observations show that the condition of the wound at the site of the bite of the leech essentially depends on the presence in the patient's blood of foreign bacteria, viruses, strains, etc.

If, of course, the patient does not try to comb the wound with his own hands. As the enzymes cleave the human leech from foreign bacteria and viruses, after only the fourth session of hirudotherapy, only a slight inflammation of the biting sites of leeches is observed.

In the first day after the hirudotherapy session, make sure that the wound remains dry, try not to sweat it. It is desirable to take a shower only on the third day, long baths - starting from the fifth day. Remember the wound, try not to touch it with a washcloth. During the first week after putting the leeches after the shower or bath, treat the wound with iodine or green.

Recommendation three. Some people after the first session hirudotherapy can be dizzy, they think that the forces are about to leave them, there is even a fear of losing consciousness. You can measure the pressure and suddenly find that it has dropped dramatically. Do not worry, this is normal, it is a natural and completely permissible reaction of the human body to the first session of hirudotherapy. Most often, after the second and third sessions, such a reaction does not happen, the exception is weakened and emaciated people. And even after the second and third sessions they feel the inflow of spiritual, psychic and physical strength, inner uplift and harmony in their body.

Recommendation four. The sessions of home hirudotherapy should be done in the morning, in the morning. Then in the evening the wounds in the places of the bite will begin to gradually tighten, and the leakage of blood and lymph will cease. Regardless of the constitution and belonging to a particular psychosomatic type, the patient must avoid increased physical exertion during the first three days after the hirudotherapy session.

Recommendation five. This recommendation applies to avid coffee lovers who drink it five to seven times a day, or even more often. For the entire period of hirudotherapy, it is better to refrain from their habit, and on the day of setting the leeches to drink coffee is generally not recommended. It is necessary to refrain also from the use of strong tonic tea and alcohol. The fact is that coffee, tea, alcohol and other tonic drinks are capable of exerting an expanding effect on the walls of the vessels, which in combination with hirudotherapy can render your organism unkind.

The sixth recommendation. Contraindications for sexual activity before and after a hirudotherapy session are not, as is well known, it is recommended almost always. But try not to accidentally hit the wound and remember the golden words: "Everything is good in moderation."

The seventh recommendation. According to ancient Egyptian sources, a woman during menstruation is not recommended to approach the leech. It's not about the woman who is put in leeches, but about the one who puts them. There is no medical and psychological basis for this recommendation. It is difficult now to assess objectively what it is dictated. But it's better to follow the ancient advice after all: if you are a woman and you have a period, then wait a few days, and then put the leeches to other people.

Recommendation eighth. Do not arrange with leeches and your health unreasonable experiments. For example, you are pregnant and you have thrombophlebitis, and you have heard that there are enough three to four sessions of hirudotherapy, and problems did not happen. Yes, workers of hirudotherapy centers sometimes put leeches even in case of toxicosis during pregnancy, arguing that there is no better for a pregnant woman means, than leech, for the treatment of any chronic diseases. Sometimes this is actually the case, but only in the centers of professional hirudotherapy, where professional medical supervision of your health is conducted.

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