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Hirudo medisinalis Hirudotherapy

bluletting leech

Hirudotherapy (lat. "Leech", ancient Greek θεραπεία -. «Treatment») - a method of alternative medicine, one of the areas of naturopathy, the treatment of various human diseases using medicinal leech Hirudo Medicinalis "Naturopathy" 
Hirudotherapy has no analogs among modern methods of treatment. This is due to the special properties of leech secretion introduced into the human body, which has a powerful curative, wellness and anti-aging effect. In 1991, the leeches were recorded in the Russian register of medicines and officially recognized drug
It is difficult to name the disease, whose treatment would not be liable to attack leeches and would not give a good therapeutic effect. Therefore, the scope of the hirudotherapy is immense. This is explained and the advantages that it has over other methods of treatment - no negative effects and side effects, at least contraindications, as well as a complex effect on the body of more than 100 biologically active substances contained in the saliva of leeches. With the help of leeches can dissolve kidney stones, to treat infertility and high blood pressure, raise immunity and remove the asthma attacks, etc. It is also important that the leech has a strong therapeutic vozdeysivie even in cases where the disease started and can not be cured by other methods. For such patients, hirudotherapy is the only salvation.
So what is remarkable at first glance inconspicuous and unattractive animal. First of all, its unique healing properties. Leech Medical minifabrikoy is essentially for the production of a variety of drugs. The healing properties of medicinal leeches are known to mankind for many centuries. The first information on the use of leeches belong to the era of the founder of the Sri Dhanvantari Ayurveda (3,500 BC). The use of the medicinal leech Hirudo Medicinalis is an effective treatment of many diseases, including osteoarthritis, arthritis, migraines, bruises, insomnia, depression, asthma, heart failure, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis,

High efficiency girudoterapii provide biologically active substances that have been found in the composition of the salivary glands of the medicinal leech. At present there are results obtained in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences I.P.Baskovoy, I.I.Artamonovoy, L.L.Zavalovoy.

They indicate the presence of more than 100 biologically active ingredients have powerful therapeutic-effect on the human body
Biologically active substances leech secretion:
a polypeptide consisting of 65 amino acids is the most potent and specific inhibitor of thrombin. It slows down the process of blood coagulation, as a potent anticoagulant

In 1884, George. Haykraft drew everyone's attention to skin lesions after exposure leeches bleed for a long time and suggested that salivary glands of leeches contain unknown substances which have anticoagulation action. In 1903 F.Frants first isolated a substance from the extract of leech and called it hirudin. F.Makverdt (1955-70gg.) Revealed the biochemical mechanism of action of hirudin by showing that it is an inhibitor of thrombin.
It took its rightful place as an effective means for the prevention and treatment of serious diseases such as thrombosis, varicose veins, predinfarktnye and postinfarction state, strokes, in patients with acute coronary syndrome and angina.
Hirudin is not converted in the body into new substances, and therefore excreted by the kidneys unchanged.
Hyaluronidase - an enzyme that catalyzes the reaction of hydrolytic cleavage and depolymerization of hyaluronic acid and acid mucopolysaccharides, which are important components of the ground substance of connective tissue, performing the role of cementing agent, bonding the individual elements of the tissue and cells. Hyaluronidase is a "spreading factor". With it easier penetration into the organism of the patient of different medicinal substances, increases the permeability of tissues, walls of blood vessels. Hyaluronidase - the vector by which other active substances that are part of a secret of salivary glands of leeches, enter the body of the sick person with prokusyvanii skin. Absorbable action hyaluronidase is of particular importance in the treatment of diseases associated with scarring and adhesive processes. This enzyme is contained in venoms of snakes, spiders, extracts of human testis, some bacteria, is indispensable in the process of fertilization - is one of the factors that ensure the success of infertility treatment method hirudotherapy

Histamine-like substances; activate organ microcirculation. Lead to an increase in arterial caliber and, as a consequence,
increase the regional blood flow
Bdeliny; inhibitors of trypsin, plasmin and acrosin exert powerful anti-inflammatory effect.
Eglin; inhibitors of alpha - chymotrypsin, subtilisin (hydrolase) elastase and cathepsin G (human granulocyte neutral protease)
It has powerful anti-inflammatory effect
Destabilase - provides a thrombolytic effect
 Breaks E-lysine due to stabilized fibrin (which is important for resorption of blood clots) and E-lysine links between different proteins (formation of links pointed at a number of pathological conditions, such as cataract lens). Destabilazny complex provides thrombolytic activity by hydrolysis of the bonds formed by stabilizing the fibrin in the presence of factor XIII blood clotting.
Therapeutic effect
Biologically active substances in the composition of the salivary glands of medicinal leeches, have the following effects on the human body

 - Anticoagulant (antithrombotic)
 - Thrombolytic (destruction of blood clots)
 - Anti-ischemic (improving blood supply to tissues and organs)
 - Analgesic (pain reliever)
 - Improvement of microcirculation
 - anti-inflammatory
 - Hypotensive (more normotensive)
 - decongestant
 - Dekongestiya (bled)
 - antiateroskleroticheskoe
 - Bacteriostatic and bactericidal
 - immunostimulant
 - antispasmodic
 - Restoration of damaged vessel walls
 - Neuro-reflex
 - The restoration of neuromuscular impulse transmission
 - energy

In May 1997, in Eilat (Israel) hosted the Third International Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. One of the sensational news of the Congress was the report of the Russian Professor AI Krashenyuk girudoterapii of modern technologies based on the discoveries of recent years :;
The opening of the energy-effect (A.I.Krashenyuk, S.V.Krashenyuk).
Years of research in the department have shown that the effect of hirudotherapy has a pronounced effect on the state of the channels (meridians) of the body. Its effects can be enhanced by raising the leeches on biological acupuncture points. In support of its findings, the authors used a test Akabane, gas discharge visualization method (Kirlian effect), and other objective methods. For the first time it found that the response to the impact of energy-leech on man can be measured quantitatively, and that this figure makes it possible to predict the duration of the patient's treatment.
1996 - Opening of neurotrophic factors of the medicinal leech (A.I.Krashenyuk, S.V.Krashenyuk, N.I.Chalisova).
The authors have shown the presence of pronounced positive clinical effect in the treatment of spastic states in children with cerebral palsy (CP), as well as in post-stroke patients. The authors of the first in the world have shown that the basis of a positive clinical effect of medicinal leeches is neyritstimuliruyuschy effect of medicinal leeches (RF patent for invention number 2,144,698). Based on this discovery, Professor Baskov IP and her staff from the Moscow State University have found that at least three components from the saliva of leeches have neyritstimuliruyuschim effect: destabilase, bdellastazin and bdellin In
Leeches are able to restore nerve cells.
This amazing discovery today makes us a new way relates to the treatment of traditional nerve disease: cerebral palsy (CP), the effects of strokes, traumas of the central and peripheral nervous system, Parkinson's disease and many other diseases
The authors of this discovery AI Krashenyuk and SV Krashenyuk and said publication was the first in the world literature on this topic.
It is in this paper, the term "living the needle" was first used at the recommendation of the medical use of leeches on the acupuncture points. It was suggested to use the term "girudopunktura", instead of not very friendly "girudorefleksoterapiya".
And also, the idea was first proposed and implemented in the production of medicinal leeches energy centers chakras according to the canons of Ayurvedic medicine.
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