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Known since ancient times, today hirudotherapy used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. The procedure is performed girudoterapevt-specialist, using only grown in special laboratories sterile medical leeches. In most cases - the therapeutic effect noticeable after the first visit to a specialist.

HirudotherapyThe use of leeches in medicine is very broad:
- Rheumatology,
- Surgery,
- Dermatology,
- Urology,
- Circulatory diseases
- Respiratory diseases,
- Gynecology,
- Nerve disease
- Sexual disorders,
- ENT diseases
- Eye diseases,
- Endocrine disorders.

Contraindications for treatment with leeches: incoagulability blood (hemophilia), anemia (anemia), pregnancy.

The effect of treatment
First, determine the leech bites places (like acupuncture). Then leech biting through the skin, it enters into human blood bioactive substances that affect the blood circulation activity. The saliva of the medicinal leech contains more than one hundred rare enzymes that are beneficial for the treatment of septic, inflammatory diseases, improves immunity.

In many cases, difficult to replace hirudotherapy. It serves as an excellent addition to the surgical and medical treatment.

Treatment with leeches has a therapeutic influence through the blood stream, lymphatic system and the energy system of the body. Leech helps the body, thus helping non-aggressive, sometimes very important, especially at the many pathologies.

The procedure
Sam hirudotherapy session takes up to 1 hour. During the session the leech sucks up to 6 ml of blood. Small bites up to 2 mm.
During the girudoterapii very important to correctly identify the place of leech bite. Mainly used in one session 8-10 leeches.

At observance of basic hygiene rules hirudotherapy is harmless.
After removal of the leech bite on the spot for a while (up to 10 hours) is allocated to the lymph tissue fluid and a small amount of blood. The next day the wound is completely tightened and that does not cause the patient serious trouble.

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