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100% "Alive-Delivery" Medical Leeches Guarantee! or Back Money!

100% "Alive-Delivery" Guarantee!
or Back Money!
European Live Medical Leeches Hirudo Leach Therapy Medicinal Leeching Worms
About our leeches
Almost everyone uses the leech.
Clinical Leeches medical leeches buy (Alive) medicinal leeches for sale.
Live medical leeches in water bred on the farm Hirudo Therapy Bloodsucks leech in aquarium
Leeches for clinical use to hospital pharmacies,medicine leeches hirudotherapy, veterinary surgeries, and to medical professionals & universities for research.
Our productions are maintained in a sterile laboratory condition and always under control medical leeches for sale usa
Leeches are of the highest Clinical Standard. We send the leeches after 3 months starvation and pre-treatments.
 Medical leeches (Latin Hirudo medicinalis.)leechtherapy - Type of annelid worms from the subclass of leeches (Hirudinea), most commonly used in Europe and Russia for medical purposes. The parasite that feeds on the blood of humans and animals, the beneficial properties of which are known to people since ancient times.
In medicine, leeches are used in a live form in the treatment of many diseases: varicose veins, hemorrhoids, wounds, venous ulcers, and others, in Europe and the United States - mainly in micro- and plastic surgery for the removal of venous stasis in the transplanted tissue..
Care leech
 On the day of receipt of the medicinal leech is necessary to recalculate it.
     Medical leeches kept in containers of glass or plastic food, 2/3 of the volume of the completed pre-treated water at a temperature of 16 "C ... 26" C.
The water must be de-chlorinated (tap water uphold at least one day at room temperature). The vessel was run up thick cotton cloth and rubber band tightly tightened by checking the absence of folds. Do not use a gauze (even more layers) and other materials of loose tissue.
       The number of leeches in the vessels: a 5-liter - 100 pcs.
                                                      a 3-liter - no more than 50 units.
                                                      in a 1 liter - not more than 20 pieces.
     The change of water produce every 3-5 days. Leeches are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, so the exchangeable water should have a temperature of the same, which is currently in the vessel with leeches.
     The room, which contains medical leeches, must not be carried out repairs, welding works, as well as the storage of chemicals, odorous and volatile substances.
     Do not include leeches near radiators, in direct sunlight.
     If you find sick or dead birds, they were immediately isolated, the rest leeches carefully browsing, and the vessel is subjected to disinfection to 0,5% KMnO4.
     Leeches can not "feed" or add water any substance.
     The norms of natural loss at storage of medicinal leeches:
     - Central strip - 3.5%
     - Reinach in the Far North and areas with a subtropical climate - 9%
     - For the rest of the regions - 7.5%.
     Shelf life 6 months
Live delivery guarantee
We guarantee immediate delivery of our beer. We always pack a considerable amount of additional leech field for anyone who might die during delivery. If you exceed the amount of dying during transportation, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery. We are happy to work with you to rectify the situation.
Our guarantee immediate delivery applies only when the nurses below 26 "C. Degrees and above 16" C degrees in our establishment, during transport, or to your shipping address. The person must be available for delivery. If cricket is sent to a PO box, they should be collected on the day they arrive, or immediate delivery guarantee is void.
In order to ensure that the fresh die months of hot or cold weather, orders should be asked to "Hold for Pick Up" at the post office. Do not forget to select "Add a warming box" during the cold weather months, to ensure the safe arrival of your leeches.
If you feel that your medical leech lifeless months upon arrival of cold weather, set the box in a warm area and explore it in about one hour. Often fresh chilled and thin and healthy as they will warm.
Most orders are shipped within 5-10 business days. All orders are shipped via Express Delivery Service. Periodically, service delivery may take longer. Unfortunately the delays caused by the carrier is not under our control. However, our packaging is designed to keep the leeches active up to 15 days.
About us, LLC-a professional manufacturer and supplier of leeches for medical clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, medical leech hirudotherapy, multifilament and veterinary doctors and universities for research .. We are dedicated to making your purchase as smooth and as fast as possible. We plan to buy and sell on EBay for the coming year. If you see fit, please leave us a 5 star detailed seller ratings. If not, please let us know what we can do better. Please see our other auctions for more high quality and cost competitive products.
100% "Alive-Delivery" Guarantee!
or Back Money!
Type "Hirudo Medicinalis"

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